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How Video Evidence Can Help You Win Bike Accident Settlements


One of the most important things you can do after being involved in a bicycle crash is to record evidence. This is very important for bike accident settlements.

Your evidence can come in many forms — writing your version of what happened, collecting your damaged property, keeping an injury diary and medical records — but one of the most important and valuable pieces of evidence that you can collect is photo and video evidence.

Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and other recording technology, more and more cyclists are able to capture important information at the scene and in the days after their crash that can be extremely valuable in a future case.

So what is the most important video evidence to capture to help your case? Here are some of the best ways to use video to document your case and make your claim as strong as possible.


Document the at-fault driver if possible

Many crashes happen because an otherwise safe driver makes a mistake or isn’t paying enough attention. However, some crashes happen because a driver is being aggressive or has been driving recklessly and a crash is almost unavoidable for you as a cyclist.

If you happen to be in a situation where a driver is acting aggressively or recklessly, getting video evidence of this behavior can help you prove their fault. While the police report and witness statements can help you to document the truth, nothing speaks quite as clearly as a video of the event itself.

Many cyclists actually keep small cameras mounted on their handlebars or helmets so that they can record evidence without needing to pull out their phone or otherwise be distracted from riding safely. If you ride your bike on busy city streets or in an area where drivers tend to be aggressive with cyclists, it might be a good idea to invest in a camera so you can record your ride every day.

Thanks to continued improvements in portable video technology, you can get a simple video recorder to mount on your bike without breaking the bank. You can record digital video and simply delete footage of your many uneventful and safe rides, but with a camera documenting every ride, you’ll always have a recording of your crash ready if you need it.


Document your injuries after your crash

Unfortunately, if you are injured in a bicycle crash, you may have to work fairly hard to prove your injuries to the insurance company. This is one reason why handling bike accident settlements can be difficult.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay out for your injuries; it’s not in their best interest as a for-profit business to give out their money. That’s why they work hard to make you prove every injury you have is as serious as it is, so that they don’t risk paying you more than they absolutely have to.

Some injuries are obvious — like broken bones — and so those are easier to prove. But other injuries are harder to see and therefore are harder to prove.

Something like a broken rib may not look like much or amount to significant cost on your medical bills, but it can cause significant pain and suffering, and deserves to be taken seriously.

One smart thing you can do after your crash is to record yourself talking or doing simple daily activities, to show how challenging they have become as a result of your injuries. With a broken rib, for example, you can show the difficulty you have breathing, talking, moving your arms, etc.

If you have a strained muscle or other soft tissue injury, video evidence of how your injury affects your ability to do things can be far more meaningful evidence in a future case than simply testifying about how your injuries challenged you.

This is important evidence to have if you have a case that goes beyond simply covering your medical bills, and that is asking for compensation for pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of ability to work, etc.


More evidence is always better for bike accident settlements

The more evidence you have proving the extent of your injuries and your version of the crash, the better it is for you and your case. Video evidence is extremely convincing in bike accident settlements and can make a huge impact in your ability to get all the compensation you deserve for your injuries, property damage, and suffering.

As attorneys, we always ask our clients to bring as much evidence as they possibly can. You never know what will make the difference for your case.

If you need help organizing your evidence or putting together a case after your bicycle crash, call us for a free, no obligation consultation anytime. We are here to help and bike accident settlements are our expertise. Call 415-466-8717 today and talk to an attorney who is an expert in helping cyclists.