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Helmet laws across the United States

Check out this informative table that covers the helmet laws for each state, including the ages of riders required to wear helmets and the years the laws were passed. There’s also a history of helmet laws, and information on helmet laws in other countries.


Bicycle theft prevention

Learn the best practices to protect your bike from being stolen, including which equipment to use, how to securely lock your bike, and how to register your bike with SAFE Bikes.


Bicycle laws from the California DMV

Get the facts on the law for riding a bicycle safely and legally in California. This page also has information on how to signal, how to avoid hazards, and to stay visible on your bike.


Bicycle safety for kids

Want to know how to keep your child safe on a bicycle? This website has facts and tips for protecting children of all ages – from riding with a baby in a bicycle trailer to helping your teen make responsible decisions on a bike.


How to fit a bicycle helmet

Wearing a helmet during cycling makes you and your brain much safer on the road – but only if it fits correctly! Visit this site to learn about how to fit and adjust your helmet for optimum protection.


Hand signals for biking

See a visual diagram of the signals you can use to clearly communicate to drivers while you are cycling. Using hand signals can prevent accidents by letting drivers know to give you room or to slow down.


Safe and beautiful biking routes around the Bay Area

Want to find out about biking routes around the Bay Area that are scenic and also give you enough room to ride safely? Check out this list from a veteran Bay Area biker and reporter.


International Bicycle Fund

Promotes bicycle transportation worldwide, especially in less developed areas. Activities include: urban planning, rural mobility, economic development, safety education, environmental quality and responsible tourism program.