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What Our Clients Say

“Michael Stephenson is a brilliant attorney willing to think outside the box to get results for his clients, with a strong work ethic and dedication to his clients.”

Noah K.

I Could Not Be Happier

Kyle and the team and BABL were awesome. I was hesitant about hiring a lawyer after the accident just because I didn't have any experience and didn't know what I was getting into, but I could not be happier w/ my decision to work with them. Kyle was very consultative and easy to talk to, and advised me all the way through the process (even before I decided to hire him). The accident and subsequent surgery were hard enough to deal with, and having them worry about the insurance and paperwork took a lot of the burden off of my recovery. Hopefully it never happens again, but I would hire these guys again in a heartbeat. Thanks guys!

Kneif L.

Clear Communication

Clear communication throughout the process. I felt like I had a true advocate on my side which made an otherwise unpleasant experience much more manageable.

Madison S.

Courtesy and Competence

Although the injuries from my accident turned out to be less than I initially feared, the attorneys at Bay Area Bicycle law gave it both prompt and sustained attention. As a lawyer myself, I appreciated both their courtesy and competence. I would engage them again and would recommend them to anyone with a personal injury claim of any kind, but particularly one involving a bicycle.

Michael W.

Extremely Satisfied with their Work

I was the victim of a hit and run in Oakland, and despite having 5 witnesses, the Alameda DA wouldn't prosecute the case. I took the case to civil court and Michael Stephenson and Michelle Weiss persuaded to the judge to upgrade the case to punitive damages, which is not only difficult, but uncommon. Michelle Weiss guided me through my deposition, and was a strong negotiator during settlement mediation. I am extremely satisfied with their work, I highly recommend Bay Area Bicycle Law's representation.

Chris H.

Relieved me of a Huge Burden

Very shortly after my bike vs. car accident the insurance company of the driver that hit me began contacting me asking for information about my injuries, and losses. I was in too much pain and discomfort to deal with their insistent requests. I decided to seek legal counsel to assist in my dealings with the insurance company. Selecting Michelle Weiss, of Bay Area Bicycle Law to represent me turned out to be a great move on my part.

Michelle relieved me of a huge burden by handling all of the communications with the insurance company. She listened to my complaints, informed me of my options, filed, and dealt with my law suit, prepared me for my deposition, recommended not accepting the first settlement offer, and basically hand held me through the entire process. My respect for her ability grew when, after accepting an excellent settlement from the insurance company, Michelle negotiated with the hospital, and my medical providers, and was successful in reducing the medical liens I had been billed.

Dennis B.

Getting Me Back on My Feet

Two years ago I was involved in a collision with a major taxi corporation. I was violently thrown off my bike due to the driver attempting an illegal u turn. I was nineteen, uninsured, and barely making ends meet when I received my first hospital bill of 20 grand. The taxi company claimed that the driver wasn't making a u-turn and that the accident was my fault. I didn't know what I was going to do until someone pointed me in the right direction and that was with the hard-working team at Bay Area Bicycle Law.

Michael Stephenson, Michelle Weiss, and John Poulter worked together to make the best out of my circumstances. They were with me every step of the way. Michael handled my deposition and arbitration without breaking a sweat, showing that he is one of the best representatives you can have when you find yourself in a situation similar to mine.

Michelle Weiss and John Poulter were the ones to represent me during my trial and for that I could not be more grateful. Michelle and John always made me feel at ease and always offered the best possible advice. At one point Michelle noticed how stressed out the trial had caused me to be and actually sent me to go get a massage. And John was always offering constant reassurance when he sensed I needed it. We met a lot of walls during this trial (not to mention the cab corporation's top defense lawyer and their team of paid expert witnesses) but Michelle and John were able to step around them to get the verdict we worked hard for. I expect a lot of great things to come from these two!

Thank you Bay Area Bicycle Law for getting me back on my feet (or bike, I should say!)

Erika P.

A Champion for Me

Thank you again for all of your diligence and hard work. It has been nice to have you advocate for me – in some small but deeply felt way, this result has helped to make this traumatic event in my life a little less traumatic, having little to nothing to do with the money, but everything to do with your being a champion for me. So thank you, and everyone who worked on this case; you have made a difference in my life, and I am forever grateful.

Jill S.

Please be aware that these case results do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter. Every case is different and case values turn on small facts and differences. Thus, the results achieved on one case do not necessarily mean the attorney will achieve the same result, or a similar result, even for a case which may have some similarities.