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I. We pledge to always do what is in the client’s best interest.

As attorneys, it is our duty to do what is in your best interest. Accordingly, we will never recommend a course of action that serves us to your detriment. Likewise, we will always give you our honest advice on how to best resolve your claim factoring in the particularities of your situation. Whether you need assistance finding a doctor that will treat you, negotiating liens, or need to resolve your claim quickly to pay mounting bills, we will help you as best we can.

II. We pledge to respond to client phone calls or emails within 48 week-day hours.

Accidents are very stressful – physically, financially, and emotionally. While an attorney should make the whole ordeal easier, many do not return phone calls or respond to emails in a timely manner. This only creates more stress and leads clients to wonder, is my attorney working on my case? Where are we at now? What is the insurance company’s position? To alleviate this stress, we respond to all emails within 48 week-day hours .

III. We pledge to be honest.

At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we will not sugarcoat news; we will be straight-forward with you from day one. For example, many prospective clients will ask during an intake about the value of their case. While we could provide a very rough estimate, the truth is that each individual case is affected by a multitude of factors, each of which influence it’s value and which we will not understand until we’ve already been working on your case for some time. Any attorney that tells you otherwise is misleading you – likely for the purpose of retaining you.

IV. We pledge to be sympathetic.

Most of us go about our daily lives without appreciating how vulnerable we truly are. An accident teaches you that your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. For many, the most painful aspect of their accident is not the pain itself, but the lengthy recovery process, missing work, financial stress, or simply not knowing whether they will fully recover. Although it is impossible to understand what you are going through, we are always there to lend a sympathetic ear.

V. We pledge to include you in the decision making process.

We always keep your goals in mind when negotiating a settlement. Some clients are under extreme financial stress as a result of their accident and need to wrap things up quickly, while others are negotiating slowly in order to guarantee the maximum settlement value. Likewise, some clients do not want to litigate under any circumstances, while others are fine taking their case to trial. While we will give you our professional recommendations, explaining the pro’s and con’s of each option, you make the big decisions.

VI. We pledge to maximize your take-home settlement.

Beyond seeking the maximum settlement possible, we continue working for you afterwards to minimize your liabilities. By negotiating with your health insurance and other medical providers, we guarantee that you take home as much of your settlement as possible.

VII. We pledge to regularly take continuing education courses so our firm is up-to-date on the latest developments affecting your case.

Many attorneys after a period of time practicing begin thinking they know or have seen it all. At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we are constantly taking continuing education courses and reading up on the latest developments in bicycle law, tort law, and litigation techniques. It is only by constantly pushing ourselves that we keep a leg up over the defense firms.

VIII. We pledge that an attorney will be working on your case.

Many personal injury firms make money through margins, taking on more clients than they can handle with attorneys caseloads of 100+ clients or more. To manage such a large undertaking, those attorneys must delegate their work to paralegals or legal assistants. Bay Area Bicycle Law does not believe in this. You will have an attorney working on your case, both in the non-litigation and litigation stages. Your attorney will know your name, the intimate facts of your case, and will be able to answer your questions. We believe that by assigning manageable caseloads, our firm can maintain its reputation for quality while still operating profitably.

IX. We pledge to promote and support bicyclist legislation, organizations, and local bike coalitions.

Every year we are happy to see more and more cyclists on the streets; the more of us there are on the roads, the more drivers will be looking out for us, and the more they will be mindful of our safety. Riding a bicycle not only helps alleviate traffic, but is good for the environment and your health. Unfortunately, bike accident fatalities in California continue to rise each year – so many of which are senseless and avoidable. Because cyclists are incredibly vulnerable on the road, we pledge to actively support local bike coalitions, sponsor pro-bike political organizations, and reach out to cyclists about the law and bike safety at local bike events.