Information about retaining a bicycle attorney

1. I was just in an accident. What should I do?
2. How do I know if I need a bicycle lawyer?
3. Financially will I come out ahead if I retain an attorney? What about if the police report is in my favor?
4. What will the lawyer do on my case?
5. How will the lawyer be paid? What is a contingency fee?
6. What types of costs will be incurred associated with my claim? Am I responsible for those?

Information about our firm

1. Why do you specialize in representing cyclists?
2. Are you really the only firm in Northern California that specializes in representing cyclists? I’ve seen advertisements for other “bicycle attorneys”?


1. How do I pay my medical bills?
2. What damages am I entitled to?
3. How can I keep track of all my expenses?
4. How are damages calculated?
5. What is my case worth?
6. I have health insurance and my health insurance paid for my medical treatment. How does that affect my compensation?

Traffic Collision Reports

1. What significance does the traffic collision report have?
2. The traffic collision report is in my favor. Does that mean liability will not be an issue?
3. The traffic collision report contains mistakes and/or is against me. What can I do?
4. The police were never called at the time of the accident and there is no traffic collision report. Is it too late to file one?


1. What is negligence?
2. What does it mean to be at fault for an accident?
3. Is there a presumption of negligence if the driver broke the law?
4. If I am partially or entirely at fault, how does that affect compensation for my injuries?

Settling with the insurance company

1. Should I speak with the driver’s insurance company?
2. Should I try to handle the claim on my own and only retain an attorney if it cannot be resolved
3. What information is the insurance company looking for?
4. How long will it take for my case to settle?
5. What can I do to help achieve a fair settlement?


1. Will I have to file a lawsuit to be fairly compensated?
2. Aren’t lawsuits expensive?
3. Does filing a lawsuit affect my legal fees?
4. What does a lawsuit require of me?
5. How much time do I have before the statute of limitations runs?
6. What do I need to prove at trial to win?

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