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The Driver Didn’t Notice the Cyclist – Santa Rosa Bicycle Accident

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The Driver Didn’t Notice the Cyclist – Santa Rosa Bicycle Accident

Motorists who hit cyclists will often say that he or she either didn’t see the bike, or they didn’t see the cyclist until it was too late. According to the California Highway Patrol via The Press Democrat, that’s what happened on Monday, December 18, 2017, when a 67yr old man from Bodega Bay on his bicycle was hit on Guerneville Road near Santa Rosa. The article states that the driver told police “she did not see the cyclist until he was in her headlights and was unable to stop before striking him”. The accident occurred around 10:45PM and that the cyclist was transported to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. Thankfully, the cyclist is expected to survive the rear end bicycle accident.

Why do drivers miss cyclists?

There can be any number of reasons drivers don’t notice a cyclist, such as lack of reflectors on a bicycle at night or a distracted motorist. However, these are not always factors. Driver’s “scanning behavior” has been studied several times, and many drivers direct most of their attention towards where they expect other vehicles to appear and don’t notice cyclists until they are very close to them.

Do injured cyclists need a lawyer?

Cyclists do not always need an attorney, but if serious injuries are involved they will almost always benefit from having an attorney represent them. We cover this in detail here:

Even if you do not hire an attorney, it is strongly recommended that you do at least contact a reputable personal injury attorney who has a reputation for working with bicycle accidents and get a free consultation. They can explain compensation you are entitled to after a bicycle accident.