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According to California Vehicle Code (CVC) §21230, people can ride e-scooters in bike lanes. This section of the CVC also states that it is legal for e-scooter users to ride on bikeways and trails designated for bicyclists.
There is, however, one caveat to riding e-scooters in bike lanes. Also listed in CVC §21230, local authorities have the power to restrict e-scooter access to bike lanes. This means if a local government doesn’t allow e-scooter users to ride on bikeways, trails, or bicycle lanes, then e-scooters users must comply with those laws.
E-scooter users also have to keep in mind CVC §21235, which lists many prohibitions on e-scooter use in the state. One of the most important of these prohibitions has to do with traveling on roads and highways. The State of California only allows e-scooter users to travel on these streets if the speed limit is no higher than 25 mph. Also, it’s illegal to travel on a highway if using an e-scooter with handlebars that require the user to place his/her hands above his/her shoulders.
CVC §21235 also states that all e-scooters must come equipped with a brake and should not exceed 15 mph. Anyone transporting bags or bundles while on an e-scooter must keep one hand on a handlebar at all times.
Californians traveling on e-scooters should check the laws in their city to ensure it’s legal to ride in bike lanes.