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When a cyclist in California gets a ticket, he or she has to go to court and pay a fine just like a motorist. This is because California law says that a bicycle is a vehicle for purposes of traffic codes and rights-of-way. But what about DMV points?

Up to the Courts

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the law allows the court to determine whether it sends notice to the DMV of a traffic code violation when a cyclist gets a ticket.

CVC 1803 says that the clerk of court shall report traffic violations to the DMV except it’s not required for certain violations, and those received while riding a bicycle are not required.

The wording “not required” is key because it doesn’t say that’s it not allowed, just not required. So, the clerk of court for each court has the option of sending the report to the DMV.

DMV Points

Most traffic violations give one point on the person’s license with some like DUI, felony hit and run and vehicular manslaughter giving two points. A driver can get their license suspended under certain point accumulations:

  • 4 in 1 year,
  • 6 in 2 years, or
  • 8 in 3 years.

Insurance Points

In California, insurance companies are allowed to raise the rates for drivers based on accidents and DMV license points, so if the bicycle ticket is reported to the DMV, then the person’s auto insurance can go up even though the violation was not while driving a car.

Some clerks aren’t aware that they are allowed not to send the report for a bicycle violation, so the defendant can ask the court to not sent the report and it’s possible that the points will not be added.

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