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Bay Area Bicycle Law

Personal Injury Services for Cyclists

Did you know that if you suffered personal injury from a bike accident that your case falls under bicycle law? Regular personal injury lawyers deal with a broad range of cases, but if your personal injury was from a bike accident, your best option is working with a lawyer that specializes in bicycle law. Learn how we can help!

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Have You Been Injured in a Bike Accident?

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Have you experienced another form of personal injury, which wasn’t bike-related?
Don’t hesitate to contact us all the same, and explain the situation. In many cases, we’ll be glad to offer advice or an appropriate referral!
Bay Area Bicycle Law is the only firm in Northern California to exclusively represent cyclists. Our attorneys have extensive experience working on bicycle crash cases because that is the only work we do. By devoting our entire careers to one niche, we can guarantee the superior service required to win your case.
While bicycles and cars are both nominally subject to the same highway traffic code, the reality is not so tidy. With inconsistent bike lanes, huge variances in speed, and a remarkable amount of grey area, bike accidents happen more often than they should — causing life-altering personal injury. While there is no legal precedent for it, there often seems to be an unspoken understanding that the road belongs to motor traffic and cyclists are an inconvenience. That just isn’t true! In fact, many cities, including San Francisco, have created dedicated cycling lanes or have restricted motor traffic in certain places at certain hours.
However, despite this, bike accidents still happen, and many personal injury lawyers simply don’t have the specific experience to take on a cyclist’s case. Treating a bike accident the same way you would a car accident simply isn’t good enough. A cyclist needs a personal injury lawyer with expert knowledge of cases just like theirs.
Whether you’ve collided, crashed, been forced off the road, or have otherwise been involved in a bike accident, Bay Area Bicycle Law is ready to help. By coaching you through every step of your legal process, from the immediate aftermath of a crash and building your case all the way through to your court date, Bay Area Bicycle Law is your best ally.
At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we care about cyclists. We’re actively involved in California’s cycling culture, working with a number of bicycle coalitions and events, and we are always advocating for bicycle-friendly roads, and improvements to California’s highway laws.
Unfortunately, we know all too well how common bicycle accidents and injuries can be. That’s why we’re so committed to bicycle law, and to working with bicycle injury claimants. We’ve helped many cyclists navigate a legal system that all too often feels stacked against them, to get the settlements they deserve.


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