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More Bicycle Access in New Caltrain Upgrades

Cyclist are getting more of what they want and need from Caltrain, which carries commuters up and down the San Francisco Peninsula. The main line takes riders from San Jose to northern San Francisco and runs through Silicon Valley where a substantial number of cyclists commute.

Each day, Caltrain carried over 6,000 bicycles which is more than any rail system in the U.S. However, with the region’s push toward ditching cars for alternative forms of travel, projections show that bike ridership in the peninsula will increase.

Increased Bike Capacity

At the heart of the plan is the dedication of two bike train cars that will allow seating and storage of bikes and each car represents about an 8 percent increase in bicycle capacity. This is set to launch in 2022 to coincide with its new electric trains that will be completely electrically powered.

In addition to the new bike-cars, all bike cars will be reconfigured to add more seats while increasing security for the bicycles.


The plan also calls for shared “micromobility” options such bike-share, ebike-share and scooter-share stations throughout the corridor. Caltrain is currently working on a system where those renting a ride-share vehicle with a single reservation to their end point without having to bring a bike on board.

General Seating Capacity Increase

This new single reservation program will likely add to the already projected 300 percent increase in peak-hour ridership by the year 2040. With these new bike upgrades along with an increase in general seating and standing room by 30 percent, Caltrain officials hope to be prepared for the future of alternative commuting which will no doubt include increased cycling.