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Gift Ideas for Cyclists

It’s getting to be that time of year where shopping for presents can become stressful. Knowing that the person you’re shopping for is interested in cycling can really help direct you to the perfect gift that will make them light up like a Christmas tree. And these gift ideas for cyclists will work year round, not just around the holidays. Here’s everything you need to know before shopping for gifts for the cyclists and bike enthusiasts in your life.

Whether you’re shopping for a coworker or your closest friend, a casual biker or a hardcore cyclist, regardless of the size of your budget, there’s an idea here that will be greatly appreciated by anyone with a bike.

Bay Area Bicycle Law profits in no way from any product recommended on this list. You may find recommended items cheaper on different sites, we’re just including links for convenience. Better yet, take these ideas with you to your local bicycle shop, and shop local!

Tips for Shopping for Cyclists

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Cyclists like cycling! There are so many gifts that will make them happy by simply and seamlessly fitting into their normal biking routine. A piece of jewelry made from a bike chain or an ice cube tray shaped like a bicycle seat is overthinking it and asking to be re-gifted.

Skip the gadgets and gimmicks.

If the person on your list is the kind of cyclist who would use a USB-charged mug warmer screwed to their handlebars, then it’s already there. Don’t presume to change the way they ride their bike with a piece of technology. That gadget will just wind up in a closet. There are better gift ideas for cyclists that they’ll actually use.

Get them a nicer version of something they use a lot.

There’s an upgraded version of every last thing they use all the time, whether it’s a water bottle, bicycle basket, or comfortable bike seat. You’ll be a hero if you gift them the thing they’ve had their eye on but wouldn’t splurge on for themself.

You can never have too much of a good thing.

Certain items, like socks, wear out fast with repeated use. And other things, like hand warmers or snacks, are single use. Gifts like these will be used (and used up) by cyclists before they could ever collect dust.

With those guiding principles in mind, here are seven great gift ideas for the cyclists and bike enthusiasts on your list.

Help keep them safe.

As a bicycle accident lawyer who unfortunately sees the fallout from bicycle accidents every day, safety is always on my mind. While we always recommend bicycle helmets to reduce the severity of head injuries, a good fit is very important and so a bike helmet might not make the best gift. There are lots of other options though, like bicycle lights (remember, bikes should have a front light that is white as well as a rear light or reflector that is red), or highly visible clothing.

Stocking Stuffers and Secret Santa Gifts For Cyclists

These gift ideas for cyclists are priced in the under $20 range. These are great items because they can work as stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, or can be mixed and matched in one box to make any sized gift.


Cyclists need a constant supply of fuel to keep those pedals spinning. There’s a lot of room for creativity and variety here depending on the tastes and dietary needs of the cyclist you’re shopping for. Beef jerky and dried fruit are great biking snacks that can feel more special if you buy a local, boutique or organic brand. Energy gels and energy bars come in endless flavors and can be mixed and matched into a smorgasbord of a gift.

A banana is the ultimate natural snack for energy and warding off leg cramps, but might not last under the tree. Give them a banana keeper instead that will keep your cyclist’s banana bruise-free and un-smushed in their pannier. If you’re not sure what snacks appeal to your cyclist’s taste buds, there are a number of snack box services and subscriptions that will allow the recipient to choose their own treats.

Socks (Seriously!)

Socks have a bad reputation as gifts, but cycling socks are their own thing. Cycling socks make good gifts because cyclists use them constantly, they need frequent replacing, and their price point is just high enough to be the kind of purchase that a cyclist will put off.

Finding fun patterns or graphics is another chance for you to add some personality and style to make the gift more special while remaining confident the gift will actually be appreciated and used.

Bicycle Tea Towels

Tea towels, dish towels, hand towels, call them what you will. They’re a great way to show off an interest through your home decor without making it your whole aesthetic. Do you have a few towels in your home that are overdue for replacing? If you answered yes then it’s probable that the cyclist on your gifting list could use a few, too. A quick search for bicycle tea towels on Etsy brings up hundreds of cute results.

Bigger Gifts

These gift ideas for cyclists can be scaled from the moderate range to very high end depending on your budget.

Shirts and Shorts

If you know what size to buy, cycling shirts and shorts make great gifts for cyclists. Apparel wears out and avid cyclists can really put their shirts and shorts through the ringer. A new shirt will get shuffled into the rotation right away and every time they pull it on, they’ll think of the person who gave it to them. This is another opportunity to upgrade to a higher quality item than a cyclist might buy for themself. Just make sure to get that gift receipt in case the fit isn’t right.


Panniers are an essential item for anyone with a rack on their bike. This can be an opportunity to upgrade something that the cyclist in your life uses every day, or give them expanded options, or introduce a classic piece of gear into their repertoire that they’ll use forever.

Classy leather panniers could be a good option for the professional who commutes by bike. Insulated panniers for hauling groceries will be put to instant use by the cyclist who lives on their bike. Ultralight panniers can help a distance trekker up their game. Your local bike shop, manufacturers’ websites, and Etsy are all great places to look for just the right pannier to gift to a cyclist.

Bike Trainer

For the biker who doesn’t want to stop riding when they’re inside, a bike trainer can be an amazing gift to keep them spinning their wheels without tearing up the carpet. It’s a bigger gift, but some beloved cyclists are worth it. A good bike trainer doesn’t require removing a tire and can be attached and detached from a bike in about a minute. This is a particularly great gift for cyclists who are homebound during rough winters but want to stay sharp.

So get out there and get your holiday shopping for cyclists done with time and sanity to spare. Good luck!