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Fatal Bicycle Accidents at Night in Stockton

A bicycle accident can be dangerous at any time of day.  As long as there are distracted drivers out, a rider must be cautious at all times.

A nighttime ride can be particularly treacherous. Bicycle collision statistics show that 6 pm to 9 pm is the most dangerous time to be out on a bike, but unfortunately, the risk doesn’t stop at nine o’clock. Overnight is an extremely dangerous time for cyclists. 33% of all bicycle accidents occur from 9 pm to 6 am the next morning.

Even when wearing proper reflective attire and flashing lights, a careless driver can easily miss a bicyclist on the road in the dark.  The mistake can leave a bicyclist with severe injuries and even cause a tragic loss of life.

Stockton Bicyclist Hit and Killed In Weekend Accident

A bicyclist was struck and rushed to the hospital early Saturday morning in Stockton. FOX40-TV reported the fatal bicycle accident happened around 4 am near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Aurora Street on August 15, 2020.

Stockton Police responded to the scene and found the victim was a 41-yr-old man. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Officials said the driver and passengers inside the vehicle stayed at the scene to help the police with their investigation.

Family Compensation After Fatal Bicycle Accidents

Fatal bicycle accidents will leave a family devastated by the tragic news. The relatives left behind might start seeing the bills from the accident arrive before they’ve even had a chance to collect their thoughts. What’s even more heart-rending is that the loved one is no longer around to provide financial support to the family.

A family in this situation is protected under California Law. Close relatives are allowed to file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver and his or her insurance.

In most cases, a representative of the family who was living with the deceased at the time of death is allowed to file the claim on behalf of the entire family. This can include a spouse or a domestic partner, children of the deceased, or in some cases the parents that depended on the deceased for support. The representative can also be an attorney working for the family.

In California, a family is allowed up to two years from the date the victim passed away to file a wrongful death claim. We recommend not waiting for very long.  The more time that passes after an accident, the harder it’ll be to gather evidence, locate witnesses, and collect documents needed to build a strong case. A local bicycle accident attorney can help the family assemble these important details.

Stockton Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bay Area Bicycle Law works with clients all over the State of California and is one of the state’s only personal injury law firms working exclusively for the families of cyclists lost in an accident. If your family has lost a loved one we want to help you secure the compensation you’ll need to pay lingering bills from the accident and ensure the family’s future.

We handle cases in your area, and there are many benefits to working with a specialist.

Years of advocacy for bicycle crash victims have seasoned our attorneys with the necessary skills to handle bicycle accident cases with the utmost level of professional expertise. We will always offer you legal advice which is in your best interest. Contact us today for a free consultation.