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Expert Witnesses in Bicycle Accident Claims

Often in personal injury claims, testimony from an expert witness is needed. An expert witness is a person who has special training, education, and/or experience that can help your attorney prove certain aspects of your case.

Expert witnesses are in contrast to lay witnesses – who do not have special training, but can provide information about things they have personal knowledge of. For instance, a witness to a crash could testify as a lay witness and describe how the crash happened. Depending on the complexity of the case, personal injury attorneys will usually use a mix of lay witnesses and expert witnesses.

Because there are so many types of bicycle accidents, there may be a variety of expert witnesses needed to provide testimony during a claim. The hiring of an expert witness is usually done by your bicycle accident lawyer because finding the right expert is crucial for your case.

Your bicycle attorney will investigate your accident and try to determine what happened that caused your accident and resulting injuries. While the cause may seem obvious to you, putting the right strategy and experts into place will help your attorney paint an exact picture of the accident.

Additionally, experts are often hired to help prove damages in a case. Damages after a bicycle accident can include financial costs to the injured cyclist, like medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. There are also “noneconomic damages” that are meant to compensate an injured person for the less-tangible affects of crash, including a person’s physical pain, loss of enjoyment, mental suffering, emotional distress, grief, or disfigurement.

The types of expert witnesses used in your claim may include, but are not limited to, the following types of experts:

●      Accident Reconstruction Expert: This type of expert will look at the different factors that resulted in your crash as well as the party that was at fault. This type of expert will likely be brought in to explain exactly what happened.

●      Bicycle Safety Expert: Many cyclists ride in the same areas as motor vehicles and there are certain regulations that govern the way these types of vehicles interact. Because a police report is often deficient in details, a bicycle safety expert may be a crucial part of your claim.

●      Psychologist: If you suffered emotionally or mentally after your accident, your attorney may retain the expert testimony of a psychologist, neuropsychologist, or therapist.

●      Medical Professional: A third-party physician or your primary doctor will be able to be an expert witness for the severity of your injuries.

●      Bicycle Professional: It is not likely that you have spent your life studying the various models and makes of bicycles and how they will react during a crash. However, a bicycle professional will have decades of experience handling the variety of materials used for creating a bicycle and will know the strength and quality of these materials. While this may not sound important, even the smallest of details can affect your claim.

●      Economist: This expert will examine the economic losses that you suffered due to your accident such as loss of earning capacity and lost wages.

●      Vocational Expert: These experts have the background to evaluate your ability to continue working at a job or at home. If you have suffered serious injuries, this type of expert will be able to testify how your working ability has been affected.


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