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Cyclist Injured Riding on Highway 9

SANTA CRUZ — A man bicycling on Highway 9 near Encinal Street suffered major injuries after being struck shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday by a passing Subaru Forester.

The injured man, according to Santa Cruz Fire Department and Santa Cruz Police Department officials, was in stable condition after being transported to a Santa Clara County trauma center with major traumatic injuries. Police investigators cordoned off a block of Highway 9 for several hours after the crash, rerouting traffic through the Harvey West neighborhood intersection.

The crossover vehicle’s driver remained on the scene and was cooperative with police investigators after the crash, said police spokeswoman Joyce Blaschke.


Cyclist Severely Injured Riding on Highway 9 in Santa Cruz

A man riding a bicycle on Highway 9 near Encinal Street was hit by a passing vehicle and suffered major injuries. The accident happened around 8 p.m., Thursday, September 26, 2019. According to the Santa Cruz police department, the cyclist was riding on near the side of the road when he was stuck by a Subaru Forester.

It’s unknown if the cyclist swerved out into the road or what caused the Forester to hit his bike. Santa Cruz Fire Department officials say that the cyclist was in stable condition when he was transported to Santa Clara County trauma Center after sustaining “major traumatic injuries.”

Police are still investigating the accident, and no charges have been filed as of yet.

Bicycling Accidents Riding on Highways

In California, cyclists are allowed to ride their bikes in the road with other vehicles so long as they are traveling with the flow of traffic. If they are going slower, then they have to ride in a bike lane if available or on the right-hand side of the road.

In Santa Cruz, cyclists are allowed to ride on the sidewalk where they exist, except in a few areas in the downtown business district: San Fernando Street and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th streets, and in Willow Glen on Lincoln Avenue.

However, if a sidewalk exists next to a road or highway, it’s not mandatory that the cyclist ride on the sidewalk and can ride on the street with the motor vehicles.

Who’s at Fault?

These laws confuse many people with some motorists believing that the cyclist have no business on the road. California law also says that a cyclist can get a ticket for violating any of the rules of the road the same motorists.

When an accident happens, the law doesn’t look at the rules of the road to determine liability. This is because in a civil case, the injured person has to prove that the other person is negligent, and the law specifically states that a violation of a traffic law doesn’t prove negligence by itself, rather the action of each driver or cyclists will be looked at to see if they were prudent and safe.

Comparative Negligence

Also, in California, the law will assign each party with a percentage of fault, and the damages for each party will be reduced by their own share of the negligence. If a cyclist is 20 percent at fault for driving too far left on the side of the road, but the motorist is 80 percent at fault for not giving the cyclist room when passing, then the cyclist will get 80 percent of his or her damages.

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