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Bay Area Bicycle Law is the only law firm in Northern California to specialize exclusively in representing cyclists. To learn more about how our Sacramento Bicycle accident lawyers can help you with your injury claim or wrongful death claim, contact us today for a free consultation at 866-242-9253.

California’s capital city’s bike culture has blossomed over the last decade. Just last year, the city hosted the North American Hand-built Bicycle Show (NAHBS) which showcases bicycle frame builder’s work from around the country. As with any bike-conscious city, Sacramento is committed to developing a transit infrastructure that is less automobile centric. Bicycle-safe thoroughfares are at the heart of this push, and as of 2017 residents began seeing more and more exciting changes in how people move through the city. As a law firm that exclusively represents bicyclists, we at Bay Area Bicycle Law are staunch advocates for these changes and how they can make the streets safer for those who choose to ride.
Until Sacramento and other metropolitan areas become a utopia for two-wheeled transit, cyclists will need to rely on their wits and common sense to get them safely from point A to point B. If you do find yourself involved in an accident, contact the attorneys at Bay Area Bicycle Law for a free consultation to see if you have a case. Our attorneys will be in contact with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the highest take-home settlement possible.

Cycling in Sacramento

Bicycling crashes occur more frequently in larger cities like Sacramento simply because more people are using the roads at the same time. Cars, taxis, Uber and Lyft drivers, buses, pedestrians, and cyclists are all trying to get somewhere, and often in a hurry. In a collision between a cyclist and an automobile, drivers are quick to defend themselves by appealing to anti-cyclist biases, such as claiming the cyclist did not signal clearly, or that they were traveling at unsafe speeds. The truth is, many cyclists are injured by drivers who are not paying proper attention to where they’re going. This lack of awareness often leads to side-swiping and dooring accidents. Dooring (where someone opens their car door into oncoming bicycle traffic) is the most common bicycle accident scenario in metropolitan areas. The advent of ride-sharing technology (services like Uber and Lyft) has created an even greater uptick in dooring accidents. Drivers of these services frequently obstruct roadways as they pick up or drop off passengers. They often illegally double park, causing their passengers to enter or exit the vehicle in the bike lane.

Do I need a bicycle accident lawyer?

Our firm exclusively represents bicyclists, making us one of your most valuable assets after a crash. To have a police report written against you in a crash where the driver is at fault can add insult to very literal injury. The best defense against these accusations is having thorough knowledge of California vehicle code, which is where the Bay Area Bicycle Law can help. We work hard to stay up to date on vehicle code and how it pertains to cyclists, and will make sure no law or policy is left unchecked when building your case. A cyclist is no match for a 2,000 lb. car, yet too often we see the cyclist wrongfully found at fault for a driver’s negligence.

Even if your insurance covers the crash, understand that both the driver’s and your insurance companies have one common goal—to pay out the lowest compensation possible. Bay Area Bicycle Law is familiar with the tactics employed by insurance companies who cut corners in an attempt to save themselves money. We hold insurance companies accountable to our clients so that they receive the full financial support they’re legally entitled to.

A bicycle crash is an unexpected and life-disrupting event. Recovery can be long, and medical bills are quick to add up. Contact us at 415-466-8717 or bayareabicyclelaw.com for a free consultation. We’ll work our hardest to alleviate the stresses and paperwork that follow a crash, and ensure you get the highest settlement available. We’re committed to helping you get your life back to how it was before the crash as quickly as possible.

Bicycle Breakthroughs In Sacramento for 2017

At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we strongly believe in the right of cyclists to use the road without the fear of a collision. Bay Area Bicycle Law partners with local bicycle advocacy groups to share best practices for riding in metropolitan areas, as well as provide advice for those who find themselves involved in a crash. We’ve also been involved in discussions with the city of Sacramento on how to implement more bike-friendly streets. As a premier sponsor of Bicycle Advocacy Day, we were able to partner with the California Bicycle Coalition to discuss wider implementation of bicycle education programs and bike-safe roadways with elected officials and organizations like CALTRANS.

Other local organizations like the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA) have had successes through their outreach as well. They, with the help of other pro-bicycle institutions, have successful pushed for the renovation of the Carlson Corridor, a street which was notoriously dangerous for cyclists and was responsible for the death of three riders between 2010 and 2013. Thanks to SABA’s efforts, cyclists can now ride in painted lanes and dedicated bike boxes which help minimize confusion between cyclists and motorists. Clearer traffic signals were also added, and intersections were modified to increase visibility. The changes have been positive, but like any good bicycle advocacy organization, SABA maintains that even more can be done. They will continue to press for one final change in the Carson Corridor renovation; slowing down traffic speed along H and J streets.
The Carson Corridor renovation is just one key piece of Sacramento’s big push toward safer streets. In the coming months, the city is looking at the best way to implement a Vision Zero Approach. Vision Zero is a project that started in Sweden with the goal of designing road and highway infrastructure that completely eliminates the chance of fatal collisions. The driving principle behind the philosophy is that “Life and health can never be exchanged for other benefits within the society.” With this ethical principle in mind, the city of Sacramento has enlisted the help of SABA to develop an action plan for the next steps of implementation (http://sacbike.org/vision-zero/). We here at Bay Area Bicycle Law are excited and supportive of these changes. After all, we’re cyclists as well. While we eagerly watch the progress of these ambitious projects, we continue to do our part to promote safe cycling and a better understanding of the rules of the road so that riders today are equipped with the proper knowledge to minimize their risk of an accident.

The city of Sacramento is willing to invest in other bicycle friendly initiatives as well. Projects like the Tower Bridge Bike Share program for instance, now have 900 bicycles in circulation for pedestrians. Riders will be able to take bicycles from strategically placed hubs in the city, ride them around, then drop them off at other designated locations, making quick urban jaunts faster, more healthy, and more fun. There have also been talks of having ciclovia events, where several main streets downtown are closed to motorized traffic for a large portion of the day in an effort to promote community and celebrate human-powered transit.

Sacramento Bicycle Accident FAQs

Why should I use a bicycle law attorney when I got hit by a motor vehicle?

The downside of Sacramento’s pro-bicycle master plan is that more cycling means more bicycle accidents. At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we focus only on bicycle law and understand how the law treats cyclists and motor vehicle drivers differently. We go to bat for you armed with the knowledge of how these laws work and the experience in getting cyclist victims the compensation they deserve.

Does Bay Area Bicycle Law take cases as far away as Sacramento?

Yes, at Bay Area Bicycle Law, we feel right at home in Sacramento and have been representing injured cyclists there for years. Like other Bay Area cities, Sacramento is seeing an increase in bicycle accidents, and we are the only firm in Northern California that deals exclusively with bicycle law.

If I had a loved one killed riding a bicycle, can I sue for compensation?

In California, the close family members and dependents living with the deceased can file a claim for wrongful death. A representative has to be appointed, and then a claim can be made for all survivors. At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we can help the family representative with their claim to make sure that justice is done and each survivor gets compensation for the loss of their loved one.

Contact Sacramento’s Bicycle Accident Lawyers

With so much change benefit ting two-wheeled transit, cyclists of the city have a reason to rejoice. Still, there is much work to be done. If you’re a cyclist and you do find yourself a victim in a crash due to unsafe road conditions or reckless drivers, call the Bay Area Bicycle Law at 415-466-8717, or go to bayareabicyclelaw.com to see if you have a case. We’re here to look out for the best interests of our fellow cyclists, and we promise to do everything we can to help you get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.
We handle a wide variety of bike accident cases, but the most common types include motorists who are:

  • Speeding and disregarding road signs
  • Driving without their headlights on when dark.
  • Switching lanes without looking out for cyclists.
  • Stopping suddenly without warning.
  • Opening the door of a stationary vehicle in front of an oncoming cyclist.
  • Distracted by looking at their phones.

We help you to get the maximum compensation for your injuries, damage to your property, and loss of income due to time off from work needed to recuperate from injuries.