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Recent Case Result: $975,000.00 (head injury, multiple fractures)

A cyclist was seriously injured when he was struck by a truck that made an illegal left turn against a red arrow.  The cyclist had no recall of the incident due to a concussion, and the truck driver stated that the cyclist had run a red light, so CHP blamed the accident entirely on the cyclist.  There were no other witnesses to the collision.

After more than a year and a half of litigation, Michael Stephenson and the other attorneys at Bay Area Bicycle Law were able to prove that the truck driver was the one to blame for the accident and that the cyclist was not exaggerating his injuries (despite the fact that the insurance company had hired a defense neurologist and neuropsychologist to testify that the cyclist was only minimally injured).

The truck driver’s insurance company was ultimately required to pay $975,000.00 (approximately $61,800 of which was ultimately for the cyclist’s medical expenses).