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Without teeth, it’s nearly impossible for a person to cut through food and properly digest it. When somebody is in a bicycle accident and suffers injuries to their teeth, those chewing and digestive processes can be affected. Dental injuries can result in significant physical and emotional issues.

The mouth is unprotected

Nearly all dental injuries from bicycle crashes result from an impact with the ground, an object, or both. Those usually occur when that impact or an abrupt change of speed propels a bicyclist over the bike’s handlebars. Since bicycle helmets do little to protect the chin and mouth, those parts of the face are terribly exposed to injury when a bicyclist is thrown forward. Any resulting dental injuries can be severe, especially to the front teeth. If you were injured in such a crash, and it was caused by a negligent driver or poor road maintenance, you might have a basis for a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

Common dental injuries

Blunt force trauma with the pavement or another object can cause a variety of dental injuries. Those can include:

  • The complete or partial loss (chip) of one or more teeth
  • Fractured teeth
  • Displaced teeth that have been forced out of their natural positions


Dental work is expensive. If you’ve suffered dental injuries from a bicycle accident, you’re not just going to be seeing your dentist or oral surgeon for a single visit. You’ll need to go back and back again. The good news is that if your injuries were caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else, you’ll be able to make a personal injury claim or lawsuit for your medical and dental bills. You’ll also be able to make claims for any lost earnings, pain and suffering or permanent disfigurement or disability that resulted from the crash.

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Fractured or missing teeth not only affect how and what you eat, but they also affect your appearance. They can require expensive crowns, implants or bridge work. If you believe that your bicycle accident and dental injuries were caused by one or more people or government entities, contact us right away by phone or email for a free consultation and case review. Our knowledgeable and respected bicycle accident attorneys already know that serious dental injuries are going to leave you with constant pain and emotional issues. Remember that the California legislature has implemented strict time limits on when victims can file claims or personal injury lawsuits, especially if your injuries were caused by a governmental entity. You’ll want to contact us sooner rather than later on any California bicycle accident.

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