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Why You Should Keep Your Bicycle Crash Off Social Media


If you’ve been through a big life event, it’s common for many people today to turn to Facebook or Twitter to share their experience. Unfortunately, if you’ve just experienced a bicycle crash, sharing your story on social media could turn against you in the long run.

Before you post your story or photos online, be sure to read this post to see why keeping your bike crash off the internet is a really good idea.


Your social media posts can be used against you

If you pursue a case against the at-fault driver and their insurance company, their first order of business will be to try to find any way they can to discredit you and your version of the crash.

While a social media post may seem fairly harmless — or even like it’s private information meant only for your friends and family — it can have a huge impact.

Information shared online is hard to keep private. Even if the at-fault driver is a complete stranger to you, they or their lawyer can still find your public social media profiles. If you have a private profile, you still can’t be sure that you don’t have some person in common with them who could see your post. Even if you change your privacy settings or delete the post later, it could have already been saved or printed by the other side.

If there is anything in that post that could be used against you, the driver’s attorney is free to use it to aid in their case. It can be used as evidence. And the odds are good that in a post that you’ve written, without realizing, you could have made a seemingly minor mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in compensation.


What could be used against you from social media?

Any number of small details that you might not even realize are important when you’re writing your social media post could end up being the difference between winning and losing your case. Often, it is a tiny detail you never thought was important that makes an impact.

One of the biggest ways your online post can discredit you is by revealing a change — no matter how minor — in your story.

Let’s say you post on Facebook right after your accident. Then, a few weeks later, when you’re giving your attorney your version of events for your case, you remember some details that you didn’t think of when you were writing the post.

It’s not uncommon for details to come back to you in the days and weeks after an accident. Often, a person is in shock or is distracted by the pain of injuries right after the crash, and unable to fully recall the events.

And most of the time, that’s okay. However, if you’ve already put one version of the story online, and then your story changes later on in court — that can make it seem like you have intentionally changed your story or that you’re lying.

For another example, let’s say you were hit by a car on your way home from hanging out with friends. If you mention in your post that you had been drinking, or that you were distracted, or that you were in a bad mood, this could also be used to question your version of events, even if you were breaking no laws at the time of the crash.

These are the kinds of details that the other side normally doesn’t hear about if you are working with an attorney who is communicating and negotiating on your behalf. However, if you make this information public on social media, it becomes fair game for your case.


What should you do instead of posting your bicycle crash on social media?

Instead of posting your bicycle crash story on social media, talk to friends and family on the phone or in person to share your story if you really feel the need to talk it over. While this may not be your ideal scenario, it is better to be private and not make a major mistake.

You should talk to an attorney about your case as well. You can call Bay Area Bicycle Law for a free, confidential consultation anytime at (415) 466-8717 to talk about your case. We’ll help you understand your rights and what the best strategies are for communicating about your case with the at-fault driver and their insurance company, so you can avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t cost yourself compensation for your injuries and suffering with a few thoughtless clicks online. Call Bay Area Bicycle Law today and get your case on the right track.