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Thorough and Diligent Investigation

When handling your bicycle-accident case, our firm will hire the most renowned accident-reconstruction expert necessary to establish that you were not at fault, and that the negligent driver was in fact at fault for causing your injuries. We will also examine the location of your collision, to ensure that we have the proper understanding of the physical circumstances.

Our firm will also hire medical/injury experts to help establish that your injuries and losses are real and significant. These experts can help prevent the insurance company from asserting that your injuries are less severe than they actually are. We will not take a quick settlement merely to boost our bottom line, as is the practice of so many personal-injury firms, but instead will work to the best of our ability to get you every single dollar to which you are entitled.

In addition, we will find, contact, and interview each and every witness who has any evidence or saw or heard anything that could possibly help your claim. You need a firm who will leave no stone unturned.