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How to Social Distance While Cycling in a Group

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted in parts of California and the Bay Area, cyclists are eager to get back out on the roads. While cycling was allowed on some levels during the lockdown, many cyclists put away the bike promising to return once the virus threat was reduced. Here’s some tips on how to social distance while cycling in a group.

Riding a Bike and COVID-19

When riding a bike, there are many things the rider can do to keep safe and reduce the chance of getting the virus. Some of these are:

  • Wipe your bike down with sanitizer, before and after your ride.
  • Wipe your bike again when you park it and enter a building.
  • Be very aware of how close you are to people and try to stay six feet apart.
  • Riding with a mask might reduce your likelihood of spreading the virus.

While the threat of getting COVID-19 is still there, taking precautions when riding your bike just makes sense. Most of the measures are not too intrusive on your ability to ride and have a good time, and any reduction of risk is worth it.

Sometimes, you still might want to ride with a group of friends or even an organized group bike ride. Obviously, getting too close to anyone increases your risk of getting the virus, so the best way to keep safe is not to go. However, if you decide it’s worth the risk, then there are some things that can make it safer for everyone when riding in a group.

How Do I Ride My Bike Among Others and Stay Safe?

By definition, a group ride involves people, and other than close family members that you live with, anytime you interact with others you are putting yourself at risk for getting the virus. For those who feel that some risk is worth it to not go stir crazy sitting in your home, there are some things that can be done to minimize the risk.

  • Stay Apart from Other Riders: This is common sense, and experts say that even in cycling, 6 feet or more apart will greatly reduce the chance of getting or spreading the virus.
  • Don’t Ride with Others Who Show Signs of Virus: COVID-19 can infect someone who remains asymptomatic which makes it tough to avoid spreading the virus if the person doesn’t know they have it. However, once someone does start showing any symptoms, then it’s best not to ride with them.
  • Social Distance Inside Buildings: Once you get to where you are going, keep the social distance throughout the whole trip. It doesn’t make sense to ride 6 feet apart and then bump into people once you get off your bike.
  • Sanitize Your Bike Seat Handle Bars: A good sanitizer can kill the virus on surfaces, and it makes sense to do this anytime your bike might have been exposed to anyone with the virus. Before and after the ride, at destination stops, after parking and before you get back on the road.
  • Don’t Risk the Ride if you Have any Symptoms: You might have even been recently tested but may now have the virus, so any flu-like symptoms, then excuse yourself from the group and go home.

Group riding is fun and it should always be safe. When the threat of harm comes from a virus, then the best approach is to take precautions that will reduce and even eliminate the risk of getting the virus.

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