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Cyclists in Santa Rosa have probably become experts at telling when a careless driver hasn’t spotted them. Cyclists do their best to stay out of these dangerous situations when they’re able to spot them in advance.

Despite all the caution, riders also have to contend with cars that aren’t even on the road. Even people in parked vehicles can present a dangerous hazard just by opening their doors. Riders may not anticipate a solid metal door suddenly swinging open in front of them and in an instant be thrown over the door and to the pavement.

Support for Cyclists Injured in Dooring Accidents

A car door can seem like a minor obstacle until you consider that it is basically an unavoidable wall in front of a cyclist. The power involved in the impact can completely stop a rider in a split second, or send them off their crumpled bike and into the air. The forces exerted on a human body in these types of collisions can be devastating.

At Bay Area Bicycle Law we specialize in support for cyclists hurt in accidents caused by careless drivers, whether they be on the road or in a parking spot. Insurance companies like to dismiss accidents involving cyclists, but we can make sure they can’t ignore your pain and suffering. You should receive compensation to pay for the best medical care with the goal of returning to your bike as soon as possible.

Cycling Dooring Accident Dangers in Santa Rosa

Dooring incidents occur when a car door opens up in front of a bicyclist traveling alongside the vehicle. The hazard is seen when cars are parked alongside the street or sometimes it can be a vehicle sitting in traffic when the occupant decides to open the door for some reason.  Generally, the person in the vehicle doesn’t give a proper look before swinging the door open.

If there’s enough reaction time, the cyclist may be able to veer around the door, but that move can put them at risk of hitting another moving vehicle also using the lane.

Dooring accidents aren’t tracked in many places. Investigators often don’t note if a bicycle collision involved a door impact.

Bigger cities like Chicago and New York do try to keep track of dooring cases. Grid Chicago detailed those numbers and in a single year found there were 344 reported dooring crashes in the city. That equates to almost one incident a day. Doorings made up almost 20% of bicycle accidents in the city.

 Common Dooring Bicycle Accident Injuries

In dooring accidents, the rider’s body absorbs an incredible amount of force when brought to a complete stop so quickly.  The cyclist can often be sent from their seat and fly over the door or slide under it.

This is a list of some of the injuries emergency room doctors note when victims arrive:

  • Brain Injury –A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause a severe concussion and/or memory loss and even permanent brain damage. A Skull fracture can lead to brain bleeding, leaking of cerebrospinal fluid, and infection.
  • Bone Fractures – Bones in the arms, legs, shoulders, and neck are all at risk in a forceful impact.
  • Amputation – The removal of limbs can be necessary when an appendage is so badly damaged it can’t be saved.
  • Paralysis –Paraplegia (the loss of control of the lower body) and quadriplegia (loss of control of both upper and lower body) can occur.
  • Facial and Dental Injury – Facial bones can take the brunt of an impact, especially when a victim is sent off the bike. Tooth and jaw damage are also seen.
  • Road Rash – Literally, when the skin is rubbed away by contact with the ground or pavement. Small capillaries can break and cause blood seepage. In extreme cases, skin grafts can be required.

Compensation for Bicycle Accident Victims in Santa Rosa

A dooring accident may not involve a moving vehicle, but drivers and other occupants in a parked car can still be held responsible when they put a cyclist in danger with their carelessness.

The auto insurance of the person to blame would be called upon in a claim for damages filed by the victim. Victims often have to file this civil lawsuit to make sure all of their expenses and hardships are reimbursed.

An accident claim rarely requires a court trial. Civil suits get settled out of court around 80% to 90% of the time. If a case does end up in civil court, an attorney can help gather evidence and documents, and locate witnesses to make sure your case is strong.

An award can help the victims pay their ambulance fees and the costs of their hospital stay. The compensation can also protect bicycle collision victims in the future if extended medical care is needed or if they must miss time from work.

Northern California’s Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bay Area Bicycle Law works with clients in Santa Rosa and is one of the state’s only personal injury law firms working exclusively with injured cyclists.

We handle cases in your area, and there are many benefits to working with a specialist. If you are injured in a dooring accident, allow our attorneys to protect your rights while you recover.

Years of advocacy for bicycle crash victims have given our attorneys the necessary skills to handle bicycle accident cases with the utmost level of professional expertise. We will always offer you legal advice which is in your best interest. Contact us today for a free consultation.