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The small city of Santa Monica boasts one of the first public rideshare programs. Santa Monica has 75 hubs within its borders, as well as several in Venice, so riders can travel outside the city limits. The idea is to seamlessly connect people with diverse methods of transportation such as traditional public transportation like bus, trolly, and light rail. Rideshare bikes, e-bikes, and scooters are a great way to travel, but they can also be dangerous especially when riding them in and among the motor vehicles.

Breeze E-Bike Accident Risk

The Breeze Bike can go up to 18 mph with pedal-assist, and if the rider wants to go faster, then he or she can just pedal faster. While 18 mph in the protection of a car doesn’t seem that fast, a crash at that speed for a bike rider can cause serious injuries.

Some of the hazards and potential risks faced by Breeze riders are:

  • In-traffic riding: Santa Monica has protected and unprotected bike lanes, and so long as the rider can keep up, he or she can ride in the streets.
  • Dooring: When a cyclist rides alongside a row of parked cars a car occupant will open their door into the path of the cyclist.
  • Potholes: A single pothole or a crack in the pavement can send a Santa Monica Breeze rider onto the pavement.
  • Pedestrians: Pedestrians walk slower than cyclists ride, and this sometimes causes conflict. Cyclists have to watch out, pass on the left, and alert the pedestrian.

Who Pays for Breeze Bike Injuries?

When a Breeze rider gets injured, the person, company, or government entity at fault will be responsible for the injuries and other financial losses. For example, if the accident was caused by a motorist running a red light, then the driver’s insurance should cover the injuries.

However, if the bike battery exploded, then the company that owned/maintained the bikes along with the city of Santa Monica might be liable.

When a Santa Monica rider reserves an Uber Breeze bike and sets up their account, they have to accept the user agreement which attempts to absolve Breeze of responsibility for injuries sustained by using a Breeze Bike.

However, under California laws, this sort of waiver is limited and doesn’t always absolve the company from personal injury. For example, in the case of the battery fire, California law doesn’t just give the bike company or even the city a pass.

Common E-bike Injuries

Riding a Breeze bike is fun and it can get you around the city quickly. However, if the rider is injured, the injuries can be significant as bike riders are largely unprotected against motor vehicles. When a cyclist is hit, there is usually a second impact when the rider hits the ground. This results in some common injuries that Breeze riders endure when injured.

  • Head Injuries
  • Concussion/Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Facial Injury
  • Broken Wrists
  • Broken Legs
  • Chest Injury
  • Severe Road Rash

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