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Santa Monica California is a great place to ride a bike. It’s a bike-friendly town with plenty of sun and places to ride all year round. Santa Monica caters to all types of paths including beaches, city streets, shared-use paths, bike trails, and even mountains for the off-roaders.

While sunshine is abundant, rain must eventually fall. When it does, roads quickly become slick as the water hits the oil spots left by cars.

Rain Accidents

When bicycles and motor vehicles get into close proximity, there’s always a chance for a collision, however, there are added difficulties and risks when it rains. Some of the causes of accidents waiting to happen in the rain are:

  • Loss of Traction: In heavy downpours, the water itself can reduce traction for the cyclist and the driver.
  • Loss of Corner Control: Less traction means that corners can be a problem too. Rounding a corner comes naturally for cyclists, but with water on the road, the point of losing control might change.
  • Slick Spots: A new rain will bring up oils on the road and make it slick until some of the oil gets washed away. Also, when it rains, painted lines on the road can be slick as well.
  • The Danger of Puddles: Puddles are fun to stomp in as a kid, but a cyclist can’t see how deep a puddle is, and the results can be disastrous.
  • Braking Bad: Braking in the rain is a bit different. Most cyclists already know not to use your front break in a corner or on gravel as the front tire could come out from under you. In the rain, using it at any time could be a problem. Water can cause the amount of pressure needed to change or just make braking more difficult.

Rain and Bike Accident Liability

Both cyclists and motor vehicle drivers need to use caution in the rain. The law will account for the weather and road conditions as to what a reasonable person would do in those circumstances. For example, speeding for drivers or flying though traffic can be considered negligent if there is an accident.

Motorists should always be vigilantly looking out for cyclists, and this is even more true when it rains. If driving in an area known for cyclists, the driver should take extra caution commensurate with the road conditions.

In California, each person involved in the accident will be assigned a percentage of fault in a personal injury accident. Your compensation can be reduced by that percentage of fault if you are hit by a motorist and you are deemed partially at fault.

At Bay Area Bicycle Law, we understand how difficult it can be riding in the rain, especially when most cyclists have little experience in the rain. But if you do get injured in the rain, we will be ready to help you. Don’t assume that it’s your fault because maybe you braked too hard or thought you might have been going too fast. Remember, both vehicle operators will be looked at for negligence.

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