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San Jose Hit and Run Bicycle Accident on Mabury Road

San Jose Police are searching for a vehicle which fled the scene of a terrible bicycle accident which occurred on Thursday, December 21, 2017 on Mabury Road. According to Mercury News, investigators believe the cyclist was riding in the bike lane when he was hit, and the hit and run driver’s vehicle could be a grey or tan sedan with tinted windows. After the bicycle accident, the man who was injured was rushed to the hospital, but tragically succumbed to his injuries.

If you have information on this accident, please contact San Jose Police Department at 408-277-8900 or visit SJPD’s Report Crime page. Mercury News also notes that people may contact Detective Brian McMahon directly at 408-277-4654. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also use Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers to provide details of this crime at 408-947-STOP or by visiting http://svcrimestoppers.org/. A reward may be available, and the victim’s family deserves to know what happened.

Hit and run bicycle accidents

Hit and run bicycle accidents are not as common in the Bay Area as they are in other parts of California, such as Los Angeles. However, they do occur here. While there is never a good reason to leave the scene of an accident, in many cases people leave the scene because they were drinking or had no license. Leaving the scene of an accident where a cyclist is severely injured or killed in California is a felony offense.

Cyclists involved in hit and run accidents should know that they may be able to seek compensation from their own insurer in the event the motorist is never caught, but that the insurer may attempt to minimize or deny their claim.

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