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San Jose Hit and Run Injures Two Children on Bicycles

Disturbing video has been released showing the moment a white Honda Civic fails to stop for a stop sign and plows into two children. The kids, aged 12 & 13, were in a residential neighborhood when the vehicle crashed into them.

Witnesses claim there were three people in the Civic, likely teenagers. After the collision, the driver of the Civic backed up and then fled the scene by taking a left onto El Molino way from Cottle Road.

San Jose Police need your help:

According to ABC7, San Jose Police are seeking assistance from the public, and anyone with information should contact the Department’s Traffic Investigations Unit at (408) 277-4654.

It is important that the driver is found to help bring closure to these kids and their families. Leaving the scene of a crash like this is a felony in California.

Hit and Runs in San Jose

Bicycle crashes can result in broken bones, concussions, serious injuries and even fatalities. After a hit and run, crash victims should speak to an attorney right away. That’s because most insurers will attempt to blame cyclists for their injuries.

In the event a driver is never caught, people may be able to seek some compensation from their own insurer. In the even a driver is identified, a claim or lawsuit seeking compensation for your damages can be filed right away.

Additional information may be found on our page dedicated to hit and run bicycle crashes.

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