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San Jose DUI Suspect Hits School Bus and Cyclist

On Monday, March 12, 2018, a suspected DUI driver allegedly hit a school bus, continued driving, hit a bicyclist, continued driving and then hit a tree. The driver was in a red Acura. After the collision with the tree, the driver was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries.

The condition of the cyclist is unknown, however, The Mercury News reported that they suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

DUI Drivers and Bicycle Accidents

Fortunately, after the hit and run the driver was caught. In this case the cyclist can seek compensation for their injuries from the motorist’s insurance. Had the driver escaped and never been found, the cyclist may still have been able to seek compensation through their own insurer.

Hit and runs are not as common in San Jose as they are in cities such as Los Angeles, however, in many cases a driver will flee the scene when they are intoxicated. For more information about this please see our page about DUI drivers and bicycle accidents.

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