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San Jose is the largest city in northern California and like many metropolitan areas, it is working through the challenges of how to best implement multi-purpose roadways that are safe for all types of traffic – automobiles, pedestrians, and bicycles alike. Riding a bicycle in a city can be dangerous: frustrated drivers can quickly succumb to road rage; busy roads and heavy traffic can result in vehicles changing lanes without signaling; and the prevalence of services like taxis, Uber, and Lyft lead to cars illegally parking in and/or blocking the few designated bike lanes that exist.

We are the San Jose Bicycle Accident Lawyers.

Bay Area Bicycle Law is the premier cycling-specific personal injury law firm in the San Jose and greater Silicon Valley area. We exist to exclusively serve the bicycling community, so whether you’re a club rider, randonneur, racer, or commuter, we’re here to represent you if you find yourself involved in an accident. Our team works hard to stay up to date on the California vehicle code, as well as the city of San Jose’s traffic policies, to ensure you get the best legal representation possible.
Those who commute by bicycle shouldn’t have to shoulder the financial and medical burdens caused by careless drivers. Bay Area Bicycle Law attorneys will use every resource at their disposal to maximize your take-home settlement and ensure you’re compensated for medical expenses and missed work. A consultation is free, and payment for our services is factored into your settlement. Call us at 415-466-8717 or reach out to us at bayareabicyclelaw.com to get started.

San Jose Traffic Rules and Community Involvement

Like many other cities in the Bay Area, San Jose has outlawed riding bicycles on the sidewalk in certain downtown areas. Before 2014 however, sidewalk riding was permitted anywhere in the city. As a result, many bicycle commuters downtown continue to utilize the sidewalks, citing safety concerns with riding on the road as their justification. The city has recognized those safety concerns, and is actively attempting to address problem areas downtown to minimize the risk of dooring accidents, sideswipes, and vehicles making right turns that cut off cycling traffic. The ultimate goal is to reform infrastructure to provide cyclists with a safe space to ride and prevent cyclist-pedestrian accidents.
To counter the dangers of city riding, we at Bay Area Bicycle Law are actively involved with local organizations like the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition in promoting educational programs that teach safe riding techniques. Informing people on how to properly share the road is critical for the safety of motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. There are a variety of programs offered, including Intro to Urban Riding, and Family Bicycling workshops. The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is also a fiscal sponsor of the San Jose Bike Clinic, a DIY bicycle workshop that educates users on basic bicycle maintenance and repair. Knowing basic bicycle maintenance and care is important to inspire confidence while riding.
San Jose Bike Party is another local organization that prioritizes safe riding practices to combat the fears commonly associated with riding in the street. They organize a group ride the third Friday of every month that promotes cycling, fun, and community. While the spectacle of hundreds of riders filling the street might seem like loosely controlled chaos, the organization is adamant about encouraging participants to follow the rules of the road. Directions for proper cycling etiquette are provided on the website, and participants are encouraged to help correct other riders’ reckless behavior. The rides generally center around a theme where participants are encouraged to dress up and decorate their bikes, but safety is always held as the highest priority. SJBP has even gone so far as to hand out front and back lights before a ride to help increase rider visibility as part of a donation-funded program they call LightMeUp.
As local grassroots movements like San Jose Bike Party do their part to increase rider awareness and safety, the city presses onward to create more bike-friendly infrastructure with a project it calls Bike Plan 2020. The plan calls for completion of a 500-mile network of bike lanes by 2020 in an effort to boost the percentage of commutes by bike from 1 percent to 15 percent by 2040. Other plan initiatives include a Minnesota Ave. renovation and several expanded bikeway projects to make bike transit safer and more convenient for commuters. Meetings are always taking place to discuss future renovations. For updates, check here: http://www.sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?NID=4421.

Why Bay Area Bicycle Law’s Bicycle Accident Lawyers?

Despite so much progress towards bike safety and awareness, many drivers only reluctantly share the road with cyclists. Even in cities like San Jose, many drivers expect cyclists to always yield to motorized traffic. A brief review of any online news article’s comments section regarding auto-bicycle accidents reveals strongly ingrained bias against two-wheeled travelers. In reality, cyclists have as much right to use the streets as cars do, and while keeping as far right as practicable when riding is the law, a cyclist is justified in using the full lane if they feel their general safety is at risk. There are many circumstances which might require a cyclist to take the lane, such as overtaking slower vehicles, preparing for a left turn, and avoiding obstacles and obstructions. Having a bike lane does not automatically guarantee rider safety; for example, some riders use the full lane to avoid getting doored on streets where the bike lane is adjacent to parked cars.
In the event of a crash, having an attorney that understands and champions the rights of cyclists is your best weapon. Police officers often side with drivers, a fact often reflected in written police reports. As a result, insurance companies are quick to deny liability for the case. Bay Area Bicycle Law attorneys use their knowledge of California’s vehicle code to counteract the damage done by these unfair reports. We’ll investigate the incident by interviewing witnesses, re-creating the details of the crash, gathering physical evidence, hiring experts, and drafting legal memos to protect our client’s interests. By presenting a well researched analysis of your incident, we’re able to establish liability (even in cases where it has already been denied) to get you the compensation you need to replace damaged property and pay for medical expenses.
The benefits of cycling are well documented. It leads to better heath, more happiness, and it’s better for the environment. Don’t let the hardships of a crash stifle your joy and passion for riding. At Bay Area Bicycle Law, our commitment to the bicycle riders of the greater San Jose area is simple: we aim to be honest, sympathetic, and communicative about your case. Our attorneys stay up to date on bicycle law, tort law, and litigation techniques to give you the best legal advantage possible in an effort to maximize your take home settlement. We make it our personal responsibility to shoulder the burdens of communicating with insurance companies and law enforcement officials through the duration of your case, so that you can best focus on your recovery. Reach out to us at bayareabicyclelaw.com or call us at 415-466-8717 to set up a consultation to see if you have a case.
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