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San Francisco’s Bike to Work Day is May 11th!


On Thursday, May 11th, cyclists across San Francisco will hit the road on two wheels in a show of solidarity for the annual Bike to Work Day event. This is one of the biggest cycling events in the city, and is an amazing way to show support for cyclists and infrastructure that supports the safety of cyclists.

Bay Area Bicycle Law is a sponsor of this event, and we are proud to be advocates for the people who ride their bikes in San Francisco every single day.

How to get involved with Bike to Work Day 2017

There are lots of opportunities to be part of Bike to Work Day in San Francisco this year. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has put together several opportunities for getting involved on their website, which you can check out to find the right fit for you: http://www.sfbike.org/bike-to-work-day/.

One way you can participate is by joining a Commuter Convoy, which is a group of cyclists all riding together from one neighborhood to the Bike to Work Day Rally at City Hall in the morning. Riding together is an amazing way to feel safe and seen on the road, and also to demonstrate the number of cyclists in the city to drivers and city officials alike that day.

You can also volunteer to help Bike to Work Day happen. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition needs volunteers to help prepare bags of goodies for cyclists in advance, as well as people to work at their Energizer Stations where cyclists can stop to get food and drinks as they ride. There are even more behind-the-scenes jobs that you can help with the facilitate the event day-of or help process data afterwards.

Finally, you can also join a team challenge and win prizes as you ride your bike with friends. Signups open on May 1st, so grab a few friends or coworkers who like to ride their bikes as much as you do, and earn points towards prizes for every mile that you bike.

And of course, the most important way that you can be involved in Bike to Work Day is simply by riding your bike to work on Thursday, May 11th and attending the rally at City Hall. By showing solidarity with your fellow cyclists, you can help city officials to see how much support exists for the bicycle coalition advocates who work every day to improve safety and infrastructure for cyclists.

Why Bike to Work Day events are important

Bike to Work Day matters because it is a once-a-year opportunity to show the strength and numbers of cyclists in San Francisco, and the many other cities where events like these happen. When we can show city officials and the people who make decisions about the infrastructure that keeps cyclists safe (or doesn’t) how many cyclists there really are and how serious they are about the positive impact of cycling on a city, we become much more powerful. A large, passionate crowd is much more impactful than a statistical report or planning meeting could be.

Bike to Work Day also gives an opportunity for bicycle coalitions to connect with cyclists and to share data about what it is really like to bike in a city every day. This is your chance to talk to the people who advocate for you and make sure you know what they are doing — and likewise, to share your experiences as a cyclist with them.

These events are also a low-stakes way for new cyclists to try out riding their bikes to work in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. If you’ve been riding your bike to work for years, you might forget just how intimidating it can be to hit the streets of San Francisco on two wheels (or you may know all too well just how scary it can be, no matter how long you’ve been doing it).

For someone who has been thinking about riding their bike to work but hasn’t taken the plunge yet, this event is a great chance for them to try it ou.

Events like Bike to Work Day give new cyclists a way to try a new mode of transportation — one that uses no fuel, offers fresh air and exercise, and is often even faster than sitting in traffic — in a positive, friendly environment.

Biking to work isn’t just symbolic, either. It’s actually extremely beneficial to your health, and so creating opportunities for people to enjoy bicycle commuting is part of the public good.

According to an article on Bicycling.com:

“…a team of researchers from Glasgow University in Scotland found that people who bike to work slash their risk of dying from any cause by a whopping 41 percent, relative to those who drive or take public transit.

The five-year study of more than 260,000 commuters in the UK found that among the commuters—half men, half women, with an average age of 53—those who rode their bike to work also lowered their risk of heart disease by 46 percent and their risk of cancer by 45 percent.”

Will you be riding your bike to work on Thursday, May 11th?

Don’t miss out on this fun, important event! Join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition for Bike to Work Day on Thursday, May 11th and be a part of a huge movement of cyclists working to make the city safer and healthier for everyone.

To RSVP for Bike to Work Day and find out about giveaways, special events, and volunteer opportunities, visit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s website: http://www.sfbike.org/bike-to-work-day/