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San Diego Bicycle Accident Results in Skull Fracture

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, a bicyclist in San Diego traveling in the Teralta West area was involved in an accident with a 2014 Acura SUV. The 45yr old cyclist was thrown from his bicycle and sustained multiple injuries including a skull fracture.

According to Times of San Diego, the SUV ran a red light at the intersection of Fairmount Avenue and University Avenue and the cyclist hit the side of the SUV. Thankfully, the cyclist is expected to survive.

Was the cyclist wearing a helmet?

At the time, we’re not sure if the cyclist was wearing a helmet. Cyclists are not required to wear helmets in California. Helmets are also not required to collect compensation either, however, an insurer may attempt to use this against people injured in bicycle accidents to deny or minimize their injury claim. If it isn’t the helmet they’ll probably look for something else.

Skulls fractures can occur even if you have the best helmet in the world. Skull fractures are generally caused by a traumatic injury when something hits someone’s head with great force or when someone’s head hits the ground. Believe it or not, some skull fractures may heal themselves while others may be severe and result in brain damage or death. Treatment ranges from acetaminophen to surgery.

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If you are involved in a bicycle accident similar to this one, contact us as soon as you are able to, and prior to speaking to the other party’s insurance if at all possible.

We have experience dealing with insurance companies who try to blame cyclists for their injuries, including not wearing a helmet. In fact, we are the only firm in Northern California to specialize exclusively in representing bicyclists and there are many benefits of having a specialist.