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San Diego Crash Injures Cyclist And Motorcyclist

A crash in San Diego injured one bicyclist and one motorcyclist on June 22, 2018. Thankfully, police expect both crash victims will survive their injuries.

According to NBC San Diego 7, this crash happened on Nimitz Boulevard near Sunset Cliffs Boulevard at about 4AM. Allegedly, a motorcyclist traveling south crashed into a bicyclist riding east. First-responders immediately transported both crash victims to a local hospital. The bicyclist suffered severe trauma to the nose and jaw while the motorcyclist was treated for road rash.

San Diego Police are still investigating the cause of this crash.

How California Is Addressing Bicyclist Safety

More Americans than ever before are opting to ride their bicycles to work and school. While this is great news for public health, it’s also led to an increase in the number of cyclist injuries and fatalities. This is especially the case in big cities that are, for the most part, designed with cars in mind.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently revealed that about 1,000 cyclists lose their lives and another 467,000 are injured every year.

A recent analysis published in the San Diego Union-Tribune showed that San Diego has incredibly unsafe streets for cyclists. This is especially the case at the intersections of Midway Drive & Rosecrans Street and Saturn Boulevard & Palm Avenue.

Thankfully, many city governments are getting more proactive about the issue of cyclist safety. For instance, many Californian cities are working with the Vision Zero program to bring down the number of pedestrian, cyclist, and motorist fatalities. A few Californian cities that are working with Vision Zero include San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

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