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Sacramento State Allows Spin E-Scooters On Campus

Students at Sac State will soon be allowed to zip around campus on rentable e-scooters. On January 21, 2020, Sacramento State said it will work with the company Spin to bring 200 e-scooters to the college’s campus. Each of these devices will be equipped with advanced motion sensors that will shut them off once they exit the campus grounds. News of this e-scooter program is a big change from Sac State’s stringent policies over the past few years. Just last year, for instance, all wheeled devices were banned from Sac State’s pedestrian zone. Those interested in using these new e-scooters must download Spin’s app onto their smartphone. Customers will have to pay $1 up-front and another 20 cents per minute to use these e-scooters. Students will find Spin e-scooters placed at the following designated areas:

  • Behind the Welcome Center
  • Between Sinclair Road and Moraga Way
  • Near the Guy West Bridge
  • In front of Benicia Hall

It’s expected this e-scooter program will take effect at the start of 2020’s spring semester. Headquartered in San Francisco, Spin made headlines in 2018 when Ford bought the start-up for $100 million. Today, Spin e-scooters can be found in about 60 cities and 20 colleges across the USA. This news from Sac State comes shortly after the City of Sacramento announced an increase in fines for improperly parked e-scooters and e-bikes. Riders who are caught parking shareable devices in hazardous areas could face a fine of up to $27.50. A citation for riding an e-scooter on the sidewalk is now set at $207. To learn more about Sacramento’s policies on shareable bikes and e-scooters, visit this official website put together by the city government.