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Road Rage-Related Crash Claims The Life Of One San Bernardino Cyclist

One cyclist died in a San Bernardino car crash on June 4, 2018. Police say road rage between two drivers might have been the root cause of this tragic collision.

According to CBS Los Angeles, this fatal crash happened on West 5th Street by 1500 block at 7PM. The driver of an Infinity apparently got involved in an argument with the driver of a BMW just before this crash. As a cyclist crossed the intersection between 5th Street and Ramona Avenue, the Infinity driver allegedly drove forward and struck the cyclist. Immediately after this crash, the BMW driver turned sharply and hit a parked vehicle.

Sadly, safety crews said the cyclist died instantly on the scene of the crash. Both drivers sustained only minor injuries from the crash. Police are still actively investigating this crash.

Anger On America’s Roads: Shocking Road Rage Statistics

California doesn’t have a reputation for civility on the roads. Indeed, a recent survey put out by Auto Insurance Center found that Los Angeles is the worst city for road rage in the USA. Besides LA, a few other Californian cities that made this survey’s top 15 include San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.

Road rage could range from insulting remarks & gestures to physical threats & acts of violence. Believe it or not, road rage-related accidents are one of the leading causes of injury and death on America’s roads. A study out of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that about 30 percent of all traffic accidents are directly related to road rage, and AAA found that about 200 people lose their lives in road rage crashes or murders every year.

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