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SF District Attorney Announces “Rideshare With Care” Program

San Francisco’s District Attorney’s Office recently announced it will work with ridesharing company Uber on a major public safety campaign. Named “Rideshare with Care,” this safety initiative was designed to help customers ensure their rideshare driver is a legitimate employee.

This partnership comes after the SF case of Orlando Vilchez Lazo, who allegedly posed as a rideshare driver to rape female passengers, broke into the mainstream. Dubbed the “rideshare rapist” by the media, Lazo allegedly used to wait outside of SF clubs, claim to be a rideshare driver, and then take advantage of vulnerable women.

To combat this and other cases of fake rideshare drivers, SF District Attorney George Gascón held a press conference at the Hall of Justice on September 12, 2018. At this meeting, Mr. Gascón formally announced the “Rideshare with Care” program and detailed critical tips people who use rideshare vehicles must practice.

Before anyone agrees to get inside a rideshare vehicle, Gascón suggests they check the car’s license plate and see if it matches the official number given on their app. Passengers should also ask for their driver’s name and ensure it matches the one on the app. Last, but most importantly, the District Attorney recommends people who use rideshare vehicles tell their family and friends where they are going before getting inside the car.

Andrew Hasbun, a spokesman for Uber, was also present at this press conference. Hasburn added to Gascón’s suggestions saying all customers should be sure the color, make, and model of the rideshare vehicle match the description in the Uber app.

The ridesharing company Lyft didn’t show up to the District Attorney’s meeting. A Lyft representative, however, said the company was pleased to hear about SF’s “Rideshare with Care” initiative.

For more information on the “Rideshare with Care” program, feel free to visit the District Attorney’s website at http://sfdistrictattorney.org/.