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Revel Electric Mopeds In San Francisco

The battle for micromobility superiority in San Francisco continues with a new option available for people who travel by app swipes and rideshares. Over 400 Revel electric mopeds hit the streets of San Fran in late August 2020.

The city joins Oakland and Berkley where Revel E-mopeds have already been available for some time. The Verge reported on the arrival and says that San Francisco Revel mopeds will have a few key differences from mopeds used in other cities. To handle the city’s hilly terrain, the new mopeds come loaded with a souped-up engine. The 2960-watt engine is made for climbing. The upgraded mopeds also come equipped with other custom-designed hardware to please San Francisco leaders and riders.

Revel’s electric rides will be serviced by a full-time staff that will roam San Francisco to recharge and rebalance mopeds when needed.

Safety measures also get an upgrade. After the deaths of at least three riders earlier in the year, Revel stiffened its requirements for potential customers. Riders now face an in-app safety course and now anyone who rents a ride must snap a selfie of themselves wearing a helmet before they take off.

Here are basics to know before you hop on:

  • Revel Mopeds come with two helmets and riders are required to wear them.
  • Mopeds won’t go over 30 mph.
  • You may not take a moped on highways or major bridges.
  • Stay out of bike lanes and off sidewalks.
  • Moped drivers must be at least 21-years-old and have a safe driving record. Additional riders must be at least 18-years-old.
  • Free moped training classes are offered by Revel in the Bay Area each month.

It’s important to remember that a moped rider will be out in traffic alongside vehicles much bigger and faster than the moped. Any collisions that occur can cause especially serious injuries.

If you are in an accident involving only yourself and the moped, then your health insurance may be your only option for coverage. Auto insurance policies often don’t cover riders on anything less than four wheels. Revel does not offer insurance coverage to riders and makes you sign a liability waiver on their app.

If a motorist causes your collision and you are injured, you’ll be able to file a claim for damages against that driver and his or her insurance. The claim can recover money to help pay any medical expenses and compensate any time you miss from work.

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