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Protected Intersections in Oakland

A measure to shrink intersections for Oakland motorists and expand them for pedestrians and cyclists is getting positive results. A new study shows the new traffic measures along Chinatown streets are forcing motorists to yield to safety.

Protected Intersections for Oakland Cyclists

The protected intersections project installed five safer intersection designs around the Lake Merritt BART Train Station. The idea extends the corners of the intersection out to shorten pedestrian crossing distances and make the crossings more visible. This is accomplished by marking out new traffic lines with paint and plastic markers.  The new pattern forces cars to make slower turns.  A cut-through path for cyclists at each intersection improves social distancing and also helps drivers spot riders.

A new study of traffic data from the protected intersections, as reported by Streetsblog SF on August 4, 2020, shows marked improvement.  Drivers yielded to pedestrians 23% more often.  They noticed and yielded to cyclists an astounding 87% more often. The intersections, built with a Safe Routes to Transit grant a little over a year ago, were a response to the extreme number of accidents resulting in injuries in the area.

Relief from Severe Accidents on Oakland Streets

The city said in a press release that these local corridors made up just six percent of Oakland streets, but were the scene of over 60 percent of serious and fatal traffic accidents in the city.

Relief is on the way for other sections of Oakland.  A protected intersection is going up in the Temescal Neighborhood at Telegraph Avenue and MacArthur.

City officials will continue improving the intersections around Lake Merritt too.  They will be adding concrete to replace paint and plastic markers. The plan is to add parking-protected bike lanes as well.

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