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We Love San Francisco Bicycle Coalitions


We love cyclists. And we love organizations that support cyclists. That’s why we are such big fans of San Francisco bicycle coalitions and the many bicycle coalitions around the San Francisco Bay Area that help connect and support the many cyclists who take to our cities’ streets every day.

We are proud to have been the second-highest sponsor of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s recent Winterfest event on December 4th. Sponsoring bicycle coalitions is one of our favorite things to do as a firm that supports cyclists. We’re the only firm in the San Francisco Bay Area that truly specializes in bike accidents and we recognize the importance of bicycle coalitions.

Winterfest is the SF Bicycle Coalition’s annual member party, where over 1,000 people came together to celebrate, among other things, many cycling infrastructure improvements made around the city that the SF Bicycle Coalition’s efforts have helped to accomplish.

Supporting bicycling coalitions with donations as well as energy is a critical part of our role supporting cyclists. Why? Because bicycle coalitions, especially those in the San Francisco Bay Area, do amazing, important work.

What do bicycle coalitions do?

If you’ve never visited a bicycle coalition’s website or gone to a meeting or other event put on by a bicycle coalition, you probably don’t know half of what the average group does.

These multitasking organizations work hard to create a better future for cyclists through infrastructure and policy improvements, while also helping cyclists deal with everyday issues through education and community-building.

They provide a one-stop haven for cyclists to improve their lives as they move throughout their city on two wheels. Here are a few of the most important things that your average bicycle coalition does every day.


Bicycle coalitions give a unified voice to cyclists in a particular area, to help amplify their issues and get them addressed faster and more effectively. When one group can speak with the voices of hundreds or even thousands of cyclists, they can get much more done than if everyone had to fend for themselves individually.

Bicycle coalitions establish a presence within their communities and their local governments. This enables them to influence policy and implement changes that will benefit cyclists (which usually benefits the community at large, at the same time).

Coalition leaders stay on top of issues that can affect cyclists, and advocate for policies that keep cyclists safe. Whether that means meeting with local officials or organizing town hall discussions, bicycle coalitions work hard to bring the needs of cyclists to the forefront.


Ever been in a tricky situation on your bike and wondered what your rights are? New to cycling and not sure how to safely start commuting to work? Your local bicycle coalition will get you the information you need and connect you to resources that will help you stay safe and informed.

Not only are bicycle coalition leaders and members passionate about cycling, but they are also knowledgeable. Whether it’s technical advice on bike repair or practical tips for getting around the city, you can be sure to find answers at your local coalition. Bicycle coalitions offer 1:1 answers, as well as classes and workshops to help get you up to speed.

Many bicycle coalitions put together reports and guides to help cyclists make the most of the resources and cycling options in their city. They sometimes also offer cyclist-savvy education to the people who share city roads with cyclists, like bus drivers, ride-share drivers, and taxi drivers.

Community Support

If you’ve ever felt isolated on your bike in a city surrounded by cars, it can mean a lot to connect with fellow cyclists who have experienced the same problems you have and who can share solutions with you.

By putting on events (like the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s “Winterfest” party) geared specifically for coalition members, these groups help cyclists find and connect with each other. Bicycle coalitions also help bring communities together by hosting events like fundraisers and workshops that support their members.

Bicycle coalitions are focused on making their neighborhoods safer and more functional for everyone who lives there by promoting cycling. Even people who don’t ride their bikes every day can feel the positive impact made on their community by their local bicycle coalition.

Want to support your local bicycle coalition’s great work?

Want to join us and help out your local San Francisco bicycle coalition? Here are some of the San Francisco Bay Area bicycle coalitions we support in California: