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What You Lose in a Bicycle Crash — and How to Get It Back


A bicycle crash can change your life forever. There’s the immediate change — injuries, damage to your bike, missing work — and then there are the long term changes. You might miss out on opportunities because of long-term injuries that don’t heal. You might never enjoy riding your bike without fear again.

When you get hit by a driver while riding your bike, the hard part is just starting. Here are just a few of the things that you lose when you get hit by a car while on your bike.


Unfortunately, getting hit by a car is usually an expensive proposition. Most cyclists face significant medical bills right away, which their insurance companies work hard to avoid covering. Ambulance rides, stays in the hospital, surgeries, physical therapy, and more can quickly add up into tens of thousands of dollars that you are expected to pay back.

Then there’s the time gone from work for the accident itself, recovery time post-accident, follow-up doctor’s appointments, visits to specialists, and more. Many people have to take this time unpaid, which adds up to a significant loss of income.

Now add on to that the long-term effects of being injured in a crash. If your injuries prevent you from doing normal household duties, you will incur the cost of having the hire help for those duties. If your injuries prevent you from keeping your current job, obtaining a new job, starting your own business, or any other reasonable professional opportunities, then you will be severely limited in the amount you can expect to earn for the rest of your life.


If you’re in a bike crash, there is a good chance that some of your property was damaged. Things like your bike, your helmet, your clothes, anything you were carrying in a luggage system on your bike — you will have to repair or replace the valuable items that were damaged in your crash.

If your bike was damaged and it was your primary means of transportation, you’ll also face the cost of finding an alternate means of transportation while your bike is repaired or replaced.

Health and Wellbeing

Just as significant as the financial costs of being in a bicycle crash are the physical and emotional costs. People who suffer injuries in bicycle crashes often have to adjust to living in bodies that they no longer recognize, as they endure long-term injuries and conditions. Some people experience chronic pain as a result of their crash; others must adjust to relying on walking aids and other assistance with their day-to-day lives.

Emotionally, living with these injuries can be incredibly difficult and taxing. On top of that, difficulty doing the activities of normal life, and missing out on aspects of their previous lifestyle can compound those issues. Imagine an avid cyclist who can no longer ride their bike due to their injuries, and who must also deal with struggling to do the basic tasks of daily life. That is a significant loss of enjoyment of life.

Feeling Safe, Especially on Your Bike

Many cyclists struggle to feel safe taking their bikes out on the road again after being hit by a car. Some may overcome this fear in time; others may never enjoy riding their bikes again.

A sudden and traumatic event like a bike crash can even shake up your sense of wellbeing off your bike too. Many crash victims suffer stress and anxiety in their day-to-day lives following a crash, and may experience a loss of feelings of security and ease. This can have an impact in many areas of your life, including your closest personal relationships, which may become strained after the crash.


Along with taking a lot of money, recovering from a crash takes time. Many injured cyclists take months or even years to fully recover, and must devote many hours to doctor visits and physical therapy.

Even if your injuries don’t prevent you from living a normal life, dealing with the details of insurance claims and property repairs requires a significant investment of time and energy on your part. Negotiating for bike accident compensation can become a full time job.

An Expert Attorney Can Help You Recover What Was Lost

You shouldn’t have to go through all of this alone.

While a lawyer can’t help you go back in time and prevent the crash, they can help you recover what you lost because of it. Attorneys who specialize in bicycle law understand how to negotiate for bike accident compensation on your behalf so that you can be repaid for your medical costs, lost wages, lost future income, emotional suffering, pain, and property damages.

If you need an attorney who can help you recover what you’ve lost as a result of being in a bicycle crash, call Bay Area Bicycle Law today for a free, no obligation consultation. We can help: 415-466-8717.