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Lime Scooters Arriving in Fremont CA in 2019

On November 13, 2018, Fremont City Leaders approved an exclusive one year pilot program with Lime. Lime’s e-scooters will be on Fremont’s streets early in 2019. Lime will be adding a special 18+ years old age verification to their app.

Fremont City Council announced earlier in 2018 that it was getting ready to begin an e-scooter pilot program with select e-scooter companies. Of the many e-scooter companies that responded to Fremont’s application, only Lime was deemed worthy enough to operate in the city.

This pilot program is slated to last one year. While Lime is the only company currently being considered for this role, Fremont might allow other ride-share companies to join this program next year.

Fremont officials decided on Lime mainly because they believe it’s one of the most financially stable e-scooter companies. There’s no doubt in most Fremont councilmembers’ minds that Lime will continue to grow in the ensuing years.

Not every city in California, however, has been as welcoming to Lime. Ironically, Lime’s home city of San Francisco won’t allow the company to send in e-scooters. This ban comes after big companies like Lime and Bird placed hundreds of their devices into San Fran without a permit.

The major problem most cities have had with e-scooters has to do with customers leaving their devices in hazardous areas. Many people have complained that e-scooter riders illegally ride on sidewalks and dump their e-scooters in the way of pedestrian traffic.

Officials in Fremont are well aware of these and other issues cities have faced with e-scooters. If Lime wants to operate in Fremont, council members say they will have to strictly enforce basic safety laws and work closely with local law enforcement.

Founded in 2017, Lime has quickly become one of the world’s leading e-scooter ride-sharing companies. Customers can now find Lime’s devices in over 100 cities around the world.

Currently, the cost of riding a Lime e-scooter is $1 upfront and 15 cents for every minute of ride-time. People can find more information about Lime’s products and services on this official website http://www.li.me/.

Will electric scooters cause injuries?

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Hopefully, drivers are on the lookout for scooters, as they’ll now be on roads and in bike lanes. Aside from that, scooter riders will also injure themselves. While they may be on their own after a crash, one should always speak to an attorney so they are aware all of their rights after any serious injury.