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Left Hand Turn Bicycle Accident in San Gabriel Injures Cyclist

On Sunday, February 18, 2018, a 74yr old cyclist was hit by a vehicle making a left-hand turn in San Gabriel.

According to the Pasadena-Star News, a Lexus was traveling West on Angeleno Ave and making a left hand turn when the car hit the cyclist who was traveling east.

Left-Hand Turn Accidents

We will not speculate on the accident above but it sounds like this could have been a left-hand turn accident.

Motorists can be held liable for injuries in many left-hand turn accidents. In fact, most accidents involving an automobile and a bicycle involve a motorist’s failure to yield properly. In many instances, the driver didn’t notice the cyclist. In some cases, both parties are at fault. Even when a cyclist is partially at fault they can still be compensated for their injuries, although the percentage of their fault would be deducted from his or her total damages award.

After any accident, insurers are very likely to attempt to minimize or deny any type of bodily injury claim, especially when a cyclist is involved. They’ll also ask you to prove fault. That’s why people call us.

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