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JUMP Bikes Set To Launch in Davis and Sacramento Spring 2018

Sacramento, West Sacramento, and Davis are gearing up for a new e-bike sharing program. JUMP Bikes, the New York-based company behind this initiative, said they should be ready to make these electric bikes available to the public by May.

Over the past few months, JUMP Bikes has been working with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) to roll out these e-bikes in as smooth a fashion as possible. Once the rollout is complete, there should be 900 JUMP Bikes in these three cities.

As you probably could’ve guessed from the name, all e-bikes have a tiny electric motor attached to them that can be used to give you a bit of assistance on the roads. E-bikes are ideal in hilly areas and for riders with knee issues who still want to remain active.

According to state law, e-bikes can only go a maximum of 20 miles per hour before they are considered a Type 3 E-Bike. A few other features on all JUMP Bikes include a basket, lights, and a GPS device.

Since every bike has a GPS device, you can easily find a JUMP Bike in your vicinity by going onto the company’s website. People using JUMP Bikes can also download one of the company’s apps on their Android or Apple device.

JUMP Bikes hasn’t determined what people in these three cities will have to pay for their service yet. In places where JUMP Bikes are already active customers have to pay $2 for the first 30 minutes and 7 cents for every minute after that. SACOG is pushing for JUMP Bikes to offer special discounts for students and people with disabilities.

One issue city leaders have been struggling with is where users can drop off their e-bikes once they are done using them. To remedy this problem, the SACOG created a webpage where residents can suggest bike-share hubs. People can also send an email suggestion to bikeshare@sacog.org.

Local governments have scheduled a few town hall events where residents can learn more about JUMP Bikes and voice their concerns. There will be a few JUMP Bikes on display for visitors to check out at these events.

The first event is set for March 2nd between 11AM and 1PM at the UC Davis Memorial Union Bus Terminal. Another meeting will be held on March 3rd between 9:30AM and 1PM at the Davis Farmers Market.

JUMP Bikes has been available to the residents of Washington, D.C. since the fall of 2017. In addition to Sacramento and the nation’s capital, JUMP Bikes is working hard on launching e-bike sharing programs in San Francisco and Providence, Rhode Island.

People can get in touch with JUMP Bikes directly by emailing support@jumpbikes.com or calling (833) 300-6106. JUMP Bikes also has a major social media presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.