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Important Information Regarding Some Accident Claims

While many bicycle accident cases fall under the 2-year statute of limitations (giving the cyclist 2 years in which to either finalize a settlement or else file a lawsuit for damages), there are some important exceptions. In many cases, California law provides for a much shorter time period in which to file a lawsuit.

One such exception is for California cyclists who are injured in accidents caused by a public entity or employees of a public entity. This can include employees of public law enforcement departments, public schools, public hospitals, public utilities, etc. Another exception is for California cyclists who are injured on public property.

There are other exceptions as well, and you should consult with an experienced attorney as quickly as possible in order to ensure that your right to seek compensation is protected.

In California, a person with a claim against a public entity must generally file a claim with that entity within the first six (6) months after the accident .

Thus, it is absolutely imperative that if you or someone you care for has been injured by a public entity, a public employee, or on public property, that an experienced attorney be contacted immediately for a consultation. Otherwise the claim for compensation can be forever barred under California law.