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Have You Noticed HOPR Bikes around Fremont?

HOPR Launches 250 Dockless Bicycles

On August 5, 2019, the bicycle share company HOPR rolled out 250 pedal bikes at various spots in Fremont, California. The city contracted with HOPR for 250 dockless bicycles to offer an option for “short trips and for the first and last-mile portion of transit trips,” according to city officials.

This isn’t the first time local residents have seen the green and black bikes around the city. On July 22, HOPR did a soft-launch of 50 bikes which were place around Fremont BART, Warm Springs BART stations and Centerville Train Stations.

The agreement with the city requires HOPR to deploy and balance out the bikes near the transit stations, shopping centers, and popular tourist and high-volume areas, although the focus will still be on the transit stations.

How to Use HOPR

Like other shared microbility vehicles, HOPR bikes use an app that can be downloaded to either Android or Apple phones. Once an account is set up, the first time you use it, you get 30 minutes free. The typical pay per ride trips cost $1 to unlock and 15 cents a minute. HOPR offers a 30-day pass for $20 a month which provides unlimited free unlocks and only 10 cents a minute.

For even deeper discounts, those who know they are going to be frequent users can buy a yearly pass at $60 which provides 30 minutes a day free, unlimited unlocks and 10 cents a minute after that.

The City of Fremont received a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission which is a funding committee for a nine-county area that makes up the San Francisco Bay Area. The commission gives out grants and funding to promote its transportation goals which includes shared microbility programs.

The contract with the City of Fremont also requires HOPR to provide education to the public about requirements like where to leave a bike or not leave a bike. Each bike has a phone number to report a misplaced bike, and each bike is equipped with its own unique GPS identifier so HOPR can respond to move the bike or take care of the problem.

Lime bikes and scooters also coming to Freemont. In November of 2018, the city approved a one-year pilot program with Lime to provide Lime pedal bikes and scooters, and they are supposed to be in the city sometime in 2019.

Are you interested in trying HOPR? Download the HOPR Transit app to sign up and unlock a bike. The app is available on iOS and Android. The bikes are available 24/7 and are GPS-enabled, making them easy to find.

HOPR smart-bikes are one of the most affordable shared mobility systems in the area. The first 30 minutes are free for all new users. Pay Per Ride trips cost $1 to start and 15-cents per minute. For more frequent riders, a 30 Day Pass is $20 per month and provides unlimited free unlocks and a reduced per minute rate of 10-cents per minute, while a 365 Day Pass costs $60 per year and provides 30 minutes of riding time a day, unlimited free unlocks, and the reduced per minute rate of 10 cents per minute.

“Micro-mobility has come a long way since we launched our first bike share program in California. Today we are excited to expand our services and commitment to Fremont with the launch of HOPR,” says Josh Squire, CEO of HOPR. “Bicycles are convenient, fun and offer the added benefit of storage to carry groceries, while also keeping you fit.”

To keep streets and sidewalks safe for everyone, the city encourages riders to park in designated parking areas, visible in the app, or by public bicycle racks.

The program is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

The city received a grant from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission for the bike share program. Fremont issued a permit to HOPR is for a one-year pilot program.