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Fell Street Bike Lane Open for Riders

A temporary protected bike lane was approved on Fell Street in mid-July.  Now the new Fell Street bike lane is welcoming bikes. It runs for about a mile between Baker Street and Shrader Street. It’s an attempt to space all travelers out after overcrowding during the shelter-in place-orders of 2020. The lane allows pedestrians and cyclists an easier path to social distancing.

The San Francisco Examiner reported on the project’s approval in July. It takes four lanes of traffic down to three along the route.

According to the North Of The Panhandle Neighborhood Association (NOPNA) Twitter account, work was underway on July 24, 2020. Plastic posts and green paint were being installed to cordon off the lane. And in a post the next day, riders were taking the lane out for a spin.

Legislative officials stress that the measure is only a pilot program. Any permanent changes to the street would have to go through the normal permit and approval process with the San Francisco Municipal Transporation Agency (SFMTA) and the local transportation committee.

Permanent changes probably won’t be considered until a post-pandemic return to normalcy is possible. For now, the temporary victory can be enjoyed by local bicyclists looking for room to ride and make their way across the Panhandle.

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