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Cyclist Run Over By Dump Truck in West Santa Rosa

A dump truck struck and killed a cyclist in the crosswalk at Stoney Point Rd. in west Santa Rosa just after noon on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. According to witnesses, the driver of the dump truck was turning right onto Stoney Point Rd. from the off-ramp of Luther Burbank Highway after waiting for a green light and then waiting longer for pedestrians to cross before hitting the cyclist.

Police said that the 51-year-old driver told them that he didn’t see the cyclist until it was too late. Apparently, she may have just come off the popular Joe Rodota Trail that leads into the crosswalk that passes in front of the off-ramp.

Tragically, the cyclist was declared dead at the scene.

At the time of this article, police were still investigating the crash in an attempt to determine what went wrong.

Bicycles and Large Trucks

Debris trucks and other large commercial trucks pose unique dangers for cyclists who share the same roads. The trucks can weigh up to 25,000 lbs empty and weigh much more with a full load. This makes it difficult to stop quickly to avoid cyclists and pedestrians.

Another problem is the size of the vehicle which creates blind spots where cyclists can be hidden from the view of the driver. If cyclists are in an area not visible by one of the many mirrors that the drivers rely on, then the cyclist is not seen by the driver.

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