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DUI Hit and Run Cyclist Accidents in Rohnert Park

During DUI cyclist hit and run accidents, cyclists are especially vulnerable to motorists primarily because they are unprotected and largely unseen by many motorists. When the motorist is impaired, the cyclist is at even greater risk of serious injury or death. Then when the driver of the motor vehicle flees after the accident, this creates even more risk of the cyclist for a serious injury or a fatality.

Impaired Driver hits Minor Then Flees in Rohnert Park Accident

Police say that a Cotati man hit a minor child on a bicycle Sunday, June 7, 2020, and then fled the scene. Witnesses to the accident called the Rohnert Park Police and reported that a truck hit the cyclist in the area of 900 Civic Center Drive, then fled the scene.

EMS arrived and treated the cyclist and then transported him to the hospital. Police got a description of the truck and then found the truck and the driver three miles from the scene. The driver was arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run.

DUI Cyclist Hit and Run Injuries

When a cyclist is injured by a motorist who flees the scene, the chances for the injuries to become greater goes up substantially. In many circumstances, the driver of the car that hits a cyclist is the one who calls for aid and even renders first aid if needed.

When the driver flees, the aid to the victim is delayed, and many times this means that the victim is at risk for a more serious injury.

There are many types of injuries that can happen in a hit-and-run with some putting the victim at higher risk of death or more serious injury. They are:

  • Neck Injuries: These can become serious if not treated and stabilized quickly.
  • Deep lacerations: The loss of blood can soon become deadly for the victim, so a quick response is needed.
  • Punctured Lungs: A punctured lung can deprive oxygen to the brain and cause serious damage to the victim.
  • Heart Attack: A heart attack can be brought on by the stress of an accident, and any delay can mean that the victim is not able to make a full recovery.
  • Pregnancy/Delivery: A pregnancy can be put at risk by an accident, and any delay can decrease the chance for a favorable outcome.

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