Dooring Accidents by Vehicle Passengers in California

When a cyclist rides by a stopped car and someone opens the door in the path of the cyclist, this is called “dooring” and can cause serious injuries and death. Since in the majority of cars, the driver is the single occupant, most of the time a dooring is caused by the driver.

However, some dooring accidents happen when a passenger in the vehicle opens the door, and when this happens, the cyclist might have trouble getting compensation.

Insurance Coverage

When a driver commits the dooring accident, then his or her auto insurance should pay for the damages. However, when the passenger opens the door, both the passenger and the driver may be at fault.

Uber Lyft and Rideshare Coverage

There are some circumstances where the driver of a rideshare might be responsible or partially responsible for a dooring accident caused by the passenger. Typically, a driver is not responsible for the acts of their passenger unless they contributed to them somehow or was negligent themselves which contributed to the injury.

If a rideshare driver parked illegally in a bike lane and allowed the passenger to exit into the lane, then a case could be made that the driver was also negligent.

A good attorney will look at the fact and circumstances of the accident to see if the rideshare driver was negligent in any way, and if the driver is, this can make a significant difference in the compensation paid.

Both Uber and Lyft have a $1 million liability policy that covers the acts of the driver while on a ride with a customer. In cases where the passenger has a small limit or no insurance at all, this can be extremely helpful to the injured cyclist.

Some drivers simply don’t know any better. When they drop a passenger off and the passenger injures a cyclist, the passenger may go about their day, and the rideshare driver may feel that they’re not at fault and leave. If you were injured by a rideshare driver, be sure to get everyone’s information, pictures, a license plate number and the exact time of the crash if at all possible.

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