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Davis Bicycle Accidents Involving Injuries

Cyclists know they must contend with many challenges when they ride. The physical exertion, the wind, sun, or rain, and on many rides a constant stream of vehicle traffic are all common obstacles. And riders will always be at risk on Davis streets when drivers become so easily distracted.

Davis and Yolo County actually rate as a risky place for riders. A California Department of Public Health report examined bicycle accident numbers in every county over seven years. Yolo County was in the top three most dangerous California counties for cyclists. When injury rates are adjusted for population, Yolo County sees more accidents per 100,000 people than Los Angeles or San Francisco.

The statistics are frightening, and distracted drivers share a lot of the blame. Drivers can be focusing on anything but the road, and suddenly put a bicyclist in a dangerous position.

Bicyclist Injured in Hit-And-Run in Davis

A bicyclist is recovering after getting struck by a car in Davis Tuesday morning. Fox40-TV reports the collision occurred on 3rd and D Streets just before noon on October 13, 2020.

Davis police say a driver in a lime green Volkswagen Beetle struck the cyclist and then drove away, leaving the scene. The victim was taken to a Sacramento hospital. The person’s condition has not been released.

The driver faces felony hit-and-run charges. Investigators are now trying to find that driver and car. The Volkswagen may have had yellow paper license plates that read “Cal Motors” in red letters. If you have any information that would help investigators please call the Davis Police Department.

Support for Bicycle Accident Victims in Yolo County

Traffic collisions can hurt bicyclists while they are doing something they love and injuries can keep them from returning to that activity in the months to come. The emotional pain is only magnified when victims realize the at-fault driver didn’t even bother to stay and check on their condition.

Victims facing a long recovery will wonder how to pay for mounting medical expenses all while missing more and more time at work.

An injured cyclist can seek compensation for injuries even if the offending driver is never located. The victim’s own uninsured/underinsured coverage on a car insurance policy can be called upon.

A claim for damages filed with the victim’s own insurance company could provide reimbursement for many of the hardships accident victims endure. The important thing to watch out for will be your own insurance company treating you unfairly and trying to pay you as little compensation as possible. An attorney working on your case can help make sure the insurance agents take your suffering seriously.

In the event there’s good news and the driver is eventually located and charged, a civil lawsuit could be filed against his or her insurance coverage. This claim for damages could be sorted out even as the suspect faces a separate criminal trial.

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