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Dangerous Roads for Bay Area Biking Accidents


The city of San Francisco continues to lead the charge for bicycle accommodations across the nation, but that does not stop hundreds of cyclists from suffering injury in vehicle accidents every year. With more cyclists and drivers on the road, caution is the key to safety.

Data on Bay Area Biking Dangerous Roads

In a 2008 article from The Chronicle, the most dangerous routes in the area included Market Street (in San Francisco), Sir Francis Drake Boulevard (near San Quentin), Clayton Road (Concord area), and Middlefield Road (Silicon Valley). These areas feature higher rates of accidents, injury, and death. The latest incidents in the Bay Area include a deadly head on collision on Goettingen Street in December 2015, and a fatal MUNI bus and bicycle accident on Market Street and Battery Street.

Zendrive, an app designed to decrease distracted driving, conducted a data comparison study to evaluate Bay Area biking roads that match high bicyclist traffic and increased rates of driver distraction. Some of these roads may surprise you and notably include Fell from Broderick to the curve on JFK, the stretch on Duboce from Folsom to Bryant, and Folsom from 7th street to 14th street. These are not high traffic areas, but they do pose a high level of risk for bicyclists.

On Quora, a user asked bicyclists to expand on the dangerousness of bicycling in the Bay Area. Warnings to always approach MUNI tracks at a perpendicular angle and to watch for parked cars were among the standout answers. Passengers do not always prioritize looking before opening doors. During rush hour, bicyclists may also contend with poorly parked vehicles jutting out into the roadways.


Avoiding a Bay Area Biking Accident

San Francisco’s bicyclists actively promote increased safety measures, and the city is responding. The creation of separate elevated bike lanes improves visibility and physically deters vehicle encroachment. The lanes will hopefully diminish the risk associated with bicycling on Market Street.

Use these additional tips to stay safe:

  • Watch other cars, even if you have the right of way. Opening doors and illegal turns can cause devastating accidents.  
  • Carefully plan your travels. Avoid riding during rush hour for recreation, and plan your commute route to avoid the most dangerous and traffic laden areas.
  • Wear safety equipment. A helmet will protect you in a collision, and reflective gear will improve your visibility on roadways.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. When they do, reach out to Bay Area Bicycle Law at 415-466-8717 for a free consultation.