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Cyclist Killed while Riding on Freeway

On 11/23/19 around 8:14 PM, CHP Golden Gate Communications center advised there was metal debris blocking the middle lanes of I-80 westbound, just east of Richmond Parkway. CHP Oakland units responded to the scene. A preliminary investigation revealed a male was riding a bicycle on I-80 westbound when he was struck by a passing vehicle. The male rider came to rest in the lanes of I-80 westbound and was subsequently struck by multiple vehicles.

At this time there are few details regarding the initial vehicle involved in this collision.

CHP Investigators are requesting assistance from the public in gathering the details surrounding this incident. If you or anyone you know have any information that might be helpful, please call Officer Swarts at the CHP Oakland area office – (510) 450-3821.

Freeway Bicycle Accidents in Bay Area

California law prohibits bicycles on most of its freeways, allowing them in only around 1,000 miles out of the roughly 4,000 miles of freeways. Most people think that riding bikes aren’t allowed on any of the freeways in the state, however, federal law allows the states to determine if cyclists are allowed.

In turn, the state allows cities and counties to determine if bicycles are allowed in their jurisdiction. This makes for a hodge-podge of stretches where riding is allowed and where it’s not. The reason that freeway riding is allowed is if there lacks suitable travel options between larger communities for cyclists.

Obviously, the reason for not allowing cyclists is the danger from the lack of space for bicycles to ride and the speed of the cars on the freeway.

Cyclist Killed on I-80 in Richmond

California Highway Patrol responded to a call about metal debris on I-80 in Richmond around 8:15 p.m., Saturday, November 23, 2019, and when they arrived, they found that a cyclist had been hit and was lying in the westbound lanes of the freeway.

According to CHP, the man was traveling westbound on the freeway just east of Richmond Parkway and was struck by a passing motorist and then struck by several other vehicles. It’s uncertain why the cyclist was hit originally or how many other cars struck him.

A sign on the onramp to the I-80 Freeway just east of where the man was killed states that bicycles are prohibited.

Who’s at Fault When a Cyclist is Hit on the Freeway?

When a cyclist is riding on a freeway and gets struck by a motor vehicle, it almost seems that it’s going to automatically be the cyclist’s fault for even being there in the first place. Then when the accident happens in a section of the freeway where bikes are prohibited, then it seems fairy cut and dry.

However, that’s not the way the law works. In California, a charge or conviction of a vehicle code violation doesn’t automatically mean that the person is negligent in a personal injury suit. The law requires that the injured person prove that the other driver was negligent.

So, the question then is whether the cyclist was negligent when he or she got hit? Since we can’t say that he was negligent just because he was out on the freeway when it was prohibited, then we have to look at what happened.

If the cyclist was out in the lanes of traffic, then it would seem that the cyclist was at fault. However, if the cyclist was on the shoulder, and the car hit him after leaving the traffic lane, then this might shift some or all of the blame to the motorist.

Comparative Negligence

Either way, to determine negligence, the circumstances of the collision need to be present in court and a jury would decide who was negligent and at what percentage. In California, a jury is allowed to assign blame to each party, and that party has to pay for their share based on their percentage of the blame. This is called comparative negligence, and it can be used to share the costs of the injuries and other damages based on the negligence of each person.

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