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Cyclist Hit and Dragged in North Park, Accident Caught on Video

On Tuesday, January 2, 2017, a cyclist was hit in North Park, a neighborhood in San Diego, California. After hitting the cyclist and dragging him along the pavement, the driver tried to flee the scene but witnesses forced the driver to stop. That’s the story according to people interviewed by CBS8, and most of what unfolded was caught on camera.

The cyclist was injured and his bicycle was destroyed. The article states that the cyclist was an older male who had a cane. Apparently, he was able to leave the scene but it would not be surprising at all if he is seeking medical treatment for injuries today after the adrenaline has worn off.

A police officer happened to be behind the vehicle and witnessed the entire incident, which took place at Lincoln Ave & 30th Street in front of Suel’s StreetCar Merchants Fried Chicken.

We aren’t certain of the remaining details or why the driver was not charged with leaving the scene of an accident, a serious crime in California.

According to CBS, witnesses are now being advised to contact police if they have information on the cyclist or the driver.

If you are in this situation

If you are involved in a bicycle crash, it is important to get the incident documented. In many cases, even if people think they were lucky, they wake up the next morning in severe pain only to find out that they have serious injuries, bone fractures, sprains, road rash or other types of bicycle injuries. If there are any types of injuries, be sure to obtain an accident report, seek medical assistance and contact Bay Area Bicycle Law right away.